Welcome back to the I am click channel my name is Andrew boy from the previous episodes you would have learned and mastered how to use those presets in your exposure modes those like portrait modes night mode even landscape modes well they’re kind of easy to use and get you stunning pictures composition voice but then you like very much.

Control on changing the values of your camera to get shots like this with low F numbers blurring the background and then motion blur the show motion with a control shutter speed and this is the goal of today’s.

Episode we’re gonna go full manual mode and change your aperture values and your shutter speed firstly to do manual exposure mode make sure that you have your exposure knob here turn to the symbol M but confuse yourself not with focusing your focusing is still on autofocus you are merely controlling three things on your own now firstly your is own secondly your aperture of values.

And certainly your shutter speed manual mode gives you immense control over your camera’s exposure because you now have control on three values the first one would be your eyes own but.

Instead of changing your eyes off we will suggest that stick it to auto eyes or like so where your camera will help you to determine.

What ISO to use that makes life easier for you second thing you need to learn to control now is your F value here use your aperture knob.

Found on the front of your camera you can now drop your F value to as low as F 2.8 with an a value which is low you can now blur the background but if you use higher F value like f-16 you can have sharper background from foreground to the background everything appears sharper the third thing you can control is your shutter.

Speed values this is at one over two hundred of a second you can now go lower when you go lower and mount your camera on a tripod like so you can shoot your photos as slow as one full second when you do so you’re gonna get motion blur or you can use higher shutter speed values this will surely freeze motion for.

Instance on this camera you can go as high as one over eight thousand of a second but one remark difference when you use your.

Camera on manual mode you’re fully in charge of your exposure now so you have to keep an eye on this meter bar here which is your exposure meter.

Try not to have it on the negative side always try to make sure that it’s about zero don’t go too low either because you’re gonna.

End up making your camera too bright and you’re gonna get overexposure stick it to somewhere about zero and because you have your camera on auto ISO it’s gonna help you a lot there so how do you shoot a full manual exposure mode well it’s the same actually the only difference now is because you’re on full manual exposure the camera is not helping you in exposure anymore you can see the exposure.

Meter here is very positive telling you you’re overexposed now don’t click on it now you got to get your exposure correct go into the composition that you like now like so make sure that you.

Can increase the shutter speed until you get the exposure that you like that’s good which is zero now and then don’t shoot but go into the foreground press down on the shutter release button this will help you to attain focus hold down the finger here do not let go of the shutter.

Release button quickly recompose back to the composition that you had your exposure on to zero and then fully click that down and that is how you should in full exposure mode more.

Challenging but you have more control of your photos the nation’s biggest and most successful photo contest is back and this year is kinda investment bruh has successfully helped it for four years I am click 2017 is the best so five you asked me because I am quick this year it’s a photo marathon don’t miss out second of December total prizes to be warned head on to this website now sign up don’t miss it.


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