Hey guys so I get asked a lot about how to create really nice bright light pictures for your Instagram or for your Facebook if you are working on Instagram or Facebook or you’re marketing yourself I get asked a lot about how to make pictures nice and light and bright and I do highly suggest making sure that most of.

The pictures that you post are have more white in them because just naturally as humans our eyes are more drawn to white so what you what I usually do is I take a video of myself if I want.

To do some kind of a selfie I will take a video and then I’ll do a screenshot from the video so let me just show you for example if I go to my videos here and I click on this video I just did today of me doing some yoga poses obviously I can’t take a selfie of myself.

Doing yoga so what I’m going to do is I’m going to hit pause here on the.

Video and I find a nice screen shot that I like so let me just find a good one here alright and so I’m going to just take a screenshot of this and then what I’m.
Going to do is I’m going to go actually.

Of the times for my video or photo editing is I just.

Do it on Instagram mostly so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to Instagram and then I’m going to go ahead and use the photo of the screenshot I just took and I’m going to make sure I kind of crop it in here.

Make it the photo kind of tight and symmetrical and then I’m going to click next and the only filter that I.

Ever ever use on Instagram is called Claridon or Claridon Clarendon Clarendon sorry Clarendon and usually so you’ll tap on it if you tap on it a second time it’ll pop up a slider here and most of the time if I have it at a hundred percent it puts too much contrast or it makes the photo look kind of to bluish it cools it down too much so I’m just going to drag this down on a bit here um.

And then click done and then I’d click Next I think this photo looks great if I want to brighten it up a little bit more I would click Edit and then I would edit the brightness now.
You’ll notice though when you edit the brightness too much that.

You start losing the contrast that other things start turning really light here let’s see if I can zoom in here for you guys you’ll see that like it almost turns to light that you lose that nice contrast there so what you can do is you can still turn up the brightness and then click on done and then go to contrast.

On here and then bring the contrast back up so it will give you that contrast again but you’ll still have that brightness and then let’s just say that you did that and now your skin is totally just like faded out and you look completely.

Pale which happens to me a lot I’ll go back and I’ll go to the saturation and I’ll turn the saturation up a bit I don’t usually make it to too much because.
You get too much saturation and it just looks.

Funny so actually for this photo what I would probably do is I wouldn’t I wouldn’t edit the brightness on this because I think it’s not too much at least because I think it’s fine and then I’d probably bring the contrast down just a.

Little bit and I would just keep that filter that I used now let’s just say that you have yellow walls I’m really lucky that the house I live.


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