So if we’re doing macro today Don do you look for details like you’d find in this leaf is that something we do yeah but maybe not so much that one okay let’s go somewhere else Krishna goes here from DP review and today we have a very special guest Don comarca thank you so much for joining us I’m thrilled.

To be here well Don you are famous for your macro work absolutely but also a very talented portrait photographer.

And landscapes to write I mean in a whole series of things well thank you I mean macro is really my my bailiwick it’s where it’s the unseen world the stuff that.

We can’t really enjoy with our own eyes but photographically we can explore and and create I’m not an amazing macro photographer by any stretch at all okay I’m very basic and I think there’s a lot of people that are in my same position you know you get a macro lens you start looking for for details and you really focus on what’s in the foreground and I feel like I’m not getting what I could potentially be getting the work of an.

Artist really comes in twofold the photographer on the back end but on the front and we have to make something beautiful worth photographing and we’re gonna go through that entire process that sounds amazing let’s go do it okay done so looking at.

Something like this ice pattern this is what I would immediately gravitate towards with the macro lens I’d.

Be attracted to the little cracks little lines and stuff like that but it.

Never really works out well so what am I missing here and what’s your mindset when you see something like this you’re right to identify.

This as a subject that’s worth exploring because you’ve got nice fractal lines and shapes and some contours that could work very nicely in a photograph okay but the location doesn’t do it justice I can’t put anything behind it I’ve gotten mud and rocks and stuff and it’s impossible to get underneath we need to start controlling the environment we can’t just come across it and try to make the most of it we have to try and.

Manipulate it modify it and in this scenario.

We might be able to move the ice it would be kind of hit or miss.

We’ll crack it and maybe break a piece off and actually take a pain of this out and try to move it somewhere else and use it exactly it’s an ingredient or I could just jump on it breaker aina please don’t I had like some sort of a butane torch just melt it around well you didn’t bring a flamethrower I know what because I thought I saw on your website what you need is a flamethrower from Akron.

Hey okay now obviously we head to the grocery store we bought these right we.
Didn’t find them out in the woods we hunted.

Around in the grocery store not in the woods to get these flowers done I just wanted to say thank you for coming here.

And joining us thank you you’re welcome so here we have some gerbera daisies beautiful color we’ve got some separation between greens and reds and it’s much more vibrant than the color around us right now yeah absolutely so what we can do is we can place these in behind the ice using them as just a play of color okay we’ll be focusing on the the tiny little bubbles inside of the ice and the cracks and the lines with the flowers as just a backdrop for.


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