Capture pilot makes viewing rating and shooting images wireless through an iPad or iPhone use it as a secondary screen on set let your crew browse and rate images without cluttering around your computer or control and trigger your camera wirelessly camera controls for capture pilot enables wireless control of the tethered camera capture pilot works by connecting to a server.

Through capture one to set up the server from capture one go to the capture pilot tool select a name for your server and what folder of images to show the default is the.

Active capture folder which will always show the newest images in the mobile tab you can select the permissions for the capture pilot server this is especially useful if you for example only want your client to rate images when you’re done setting up the server click start image server make sure your iPad or iPhone is on the same Wi-Fi as the computer launch capture pilot and connect to the server when connected you can browse the available images in the folder if you’re browsing while a.

Photographer is shooting and you don’t want the newest image selected automatically you can pause it tap any icon to open the respective tool depending on the permission set from capture 1 you can now control the attached camera rate and color tag the image view the histogram and EXIF information.
And pick a white balance reference point any change made to the.

Images in capture pilot will be instantly reflected in capture one..


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