Hi everybody its Thomas here from Thomas Fitzgerald photography and this video is a follow-up to my previous video on capture one Express for Fujifilm shooters so since I published that video it’s actually turned out to be one of our most popular videos to date I’ve actually had lots of questions and there’s been a few things that I want.

To kind of follow up on because I didn’t quite explain properly in the first video and also I made a few mistakes.

Actually I made one mistake one very specific mistake but I.

Will go into that in a minute so the first thing I want to do is I have my list here of things that I’m going to talk about so I’m gonna cover some questions and that people left in the comments and also as I said just a couple of things that I’d like to clarify so let’s dive right in so the first question is about film simulations.

And in particular Fugees film simulation modes are.

The picture modes so a lot of people wanted to know are they in capture one if so where are they and if not why not let me just show you they are not basically at the moment and they do not have the film simulation modes however they have stated to capture one the people behind capture on Phase one have stated that they are coming and.

Priority so they’re working on that so hopefully in the next version or the version after that you should see them and there is a workaround and because some people have put their own versions online.

And you can actually download them and install them I already have a video about this how to do this for a capture one Pro so I will link that.

In the description below and all you have to do is follow this so that brings me to one of the points that I got wrong.

In the previous video so I showed that our I stated that the pro version.

Had options to show color profiles from all the cameras and it was missing in the Express version but it’s.

Not actually missing it’s actually here so all you have to do is if you go under the ICC profile pop and go show all you can now see all the different and all the different cameras that capture on supports and you can select a color profile from any of those so it.

Doesn’t have a massive effect it’s not like going to magically make one camera look like another camera but it it can have interesting differences and.

Again if you have custom color profiles they will show up here as well so if you follow the video that I have linked below it will show you how to download some custom profiles that people made which match the.

Film simulation modes okay so next question yes the Q menu so somebody emailed.
Me shortly after I released that video I’m good and.

I wanted to know why I didn’t have the Q menu and that was a very good question which I didn’t know anything about and until I looked it up and realized so basically what had happened was when I installed capture one and I installed it over the previous pro version.

Actually you don’t even have to change to reinstall it you just changed the license so I changed it from the pro version that I had installed on my laptop to the Express version yes specifically so I could do research on and show you guys everything that’s in the Express version and when I did thus it left some things behind and didn’t quite reset the interface properly so I was.

Missing the Q menu so I have managed to get it back after a lot of messing around I’m still not entirely 100% certain how I got a back but it’s back normally the Q menu is in and capture one pro two but it is disabled by default and you can add it by right-clicking on the interface but in the Express version.

It seems to be there by default and it just wasn’t online so that was missing from the previous video so what is the key menu I hear you ask and basically what they have done is taken the most common adjustments and put them into one menu and called it the.

Quick menu and it’s like things like white balance exposure high dynamic range black-and-white.

And clarity they’re kind of all the things that.

Would want to use the most often probably and rather than having to jump back and forth between till tabs they’re all pretty much just here in the one panel a couple of people have written to me and said that yet they find it.

Actually makes working in capture one a lot easier so yeah apologies for that I missed that on my first video and so there it is now it comes up as a cue.

If you had the trial version capture one Pro installed and you switch to the Express version you may not see this.

You’re gonna have to delete the Preferences files and the capture 1 folder from within the application support folder if you’re on a Mac if you’re on a PC I have no.

Idea I’m sorry I don’t know how to reset it and I couldn’t find an official.

Response but the way I was able to do it on my own system was just by deleting all the Preferences basically okay so next question oh and this is kind of related to and somebody asked me about library files are in the case of capture one what they call catalogs so in the pro version of capture one you can have multiple catalogs and you can switch between the Milani time.

And it comes up in the file menu you will see the option to a new catalog or open catalog and.

Unfortunately in the Express version it’s one of the features they’ve disabled obviously again because it’s free they don’t want to give you everything and there is no way to move your catalog file however there’s kind of a workaround you can switch to a catalog by holding down the option key and starting up capture one.

So let me just show you what I mean ok so I got a code capture on have Photoshop run in the background here so just ignore that for a long so what you want to do basically is if you hold.

Down the option key at startup you will get the option to choose your capture one catalog so you can’t raise a new catalog or you can browse and select your Cadillac so that is how to get around to us it’s quite finicky and but again the option.

Is there and it’s better than nothing and next question yes so one of the problems people had was when they went to edit in Photoshop what was happening was it was opening Camera Raw so there’s two things this can be and I want to.

Show this to show them both to you quite quickly if you want to edit your.


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