How’s it going Andrew here and welcome to my second vlog in this video I’m going to show you a little bit of what’s happening behind the scenes and also cover a really commonly requested topic and that’s to do with photographic reference now stick around to the very end because I’ve got a very special announcement for you roll that.

Intra now there has been so much happening here behind the scenes lots of traveling loads of painting recently I’ve had the opportunity to get reacquainted with a favorite subject of mine the Pilbara.

This region of Australia’s Northwest is an amazing part of the world these hills.

Are as ancient as they are unique these vast desert plains seem to go on forever I find these landscapes so inspiring there’s something about that big open space that really captures the imagination there’s an.

Area here called carriage eating and this place is characterized by spectacular red gorges it’s a place that I’ve painted several times before these rugged landscapes inspired a lot of my early work in fact the.

Last time I was here I was 22 years.

Old one year end to my professional art career I went on a weeks-long camping trip with my father and have been using the same reference sense in 13 years.

Had never returned to karijini you it’s so cool saying this again I haven’t looked at this picture for a lot of years and this inspired a pretty significant work for me like the other photographs in this file but I would have the digital image and then I’d go and get a printout to.

Type from in the studio this photograph inspired this painting aptly titled red Gorge painted in 2006 such a challenge working with this new subject matter and I still wanted to use plenty of artistic license this was well before the days I even tried on plein air painting.

And it was a challenge working.

With limited resources I strived to add things into the scenes whether it was more light or atmosphere but everything I did.

I was trying desperately to get away from being limited by the reference I remember being drawn to this.

Image in particular but when I went to paint it I wanted to soften it a little bit by adding some trees into the Seine now some of these gorges are really dramatic and I.

Remember playing with the compositions of these paintings having no foreground and thus pulling the viewer off-balance this painting was quite large a little over a square meter now over the last 13 years I’ve been using the same reference material the file was.

Only about 500 images which really isn’t much when you think about it this is one of my last significant studio patents resulting from that reference material I figured it was time to go back and get some more now karijini national park is located in the northwest of australia when you fly over this landscape you really get a sense of just how different it is now I’m on a mission I only have about five days to gather as much reference material.

As I possibly can that and I also need to get some.

In particular I try to focus on capturing as many details as possible I don’t have very long so it’s about getting an abundance.


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