Good morning and welcome to another day in the absolutely stunning Glen atif I’m still with multiple more today we have a great plan of doing some more wildlife but we’re gonna be focusing a bit more on landscape photography today one in Watson morning sneaking out with the drone yeah a sneaking missed our first man photography is sitting there.
Filming me it’s so awkward these.

Blocking cameras yeah hello I think we’re ready let’s go we’re definitely ready.

By tomaten has just stepped out of van to go and shoot a waterfall the weather has been a.

So far this this week particularly for landscape photography actually it was great yesterday for the wildlife but for landscape is changing so fast that it’s difficult to be in the right.

Location at the right time so normally I would tailor the type of shot I’m aiming for dependent.

It’s just almost impossible today to plan for the weather so there is an element of luck involved there’s a couple of locations I scouted out yesterday that I want to visit today to shoot landscape.

But it’s just about getting the weather to do the right thing at the right time and that is just sheer luck with what we’re dealing with here so I want to come away with something good or I may be a little disappointed I’ve come away with wildlife shots and but I’m a landscape photographer and I want to come away with our landscape image especially when the landscape is just so stunning it is it’s this kind of photography is like.

Yeah it’s like out of control because I just realized how much time I spend on one little moving water part because I wanted it to be perfect and it was.

The water was moving and I tried to hand held my camera lens but you know everything was shaking so I took my blocking tripod and that’s like like two matches or something it’s so thin so when you were.

You were giving me a hard time using tripod yesterday you actually needed a tripod no yeah glory try foot I got that day yeah and then I was just poking around and moving water on a cliff and I know exactly how I wanted it but it just couldn’t get it so I I made different a combination of shorter speeds and apertures and then.

Finally I found the right aperture to make the sharpness of the the moving water and the right shutter speed for getting the amount of movement I want I’m really excited to see that picture by some into the location.
And we’ve got this beautiful river here leading up to that very.

Famous mountain behind me bakkali Mountain something like that I don’t really know how to pronounce it but the weather is still not great but I think it is about to turn I’ve got some blue sky behind me there it’s still raining but if I can be here at the very moment that it changes then I have a good chance of capturing something rather dramatic so I’m going to climb down onto this rock to get.

My composition get the perspective I wants just to be ready for when something happens so I’m going to do that now it is time to range quite a lot heavier ah then I thought it was going to difficult to know what to do I don’t know if we should hang here and brave it for this or move on and.


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