Hey everyone how’s it going what’s up I hope you’re having a great day mine’s been fantastic so far although it’s freezing right now in my studio winter is hit up here in the mountains hence the jacket you’re gonna see more of this bad boy but for today I wanted to show you something that I get asked about a.

Lot people see it in my videos they want to know how to set it up what pieces they need I used to have a video.
On this but it was from like a bazillion years ago so I.

Wanted to make an updated version but nothing has really changed that much so in this short video I’m gonna show you how to get that camera above the table alright so who doesn’t love that beautiful camera angle I mean perfectly hovering.

All those recipes and props look graphic and delicious it’s a unique angle it’s eye-catching it’s.

A different perspective it makes composition easy and a whole bunch of other reasons.

Why the 90 degree or flat lay overhead shot is perfect for food photography manfor though.

And other companies make tripods that have moveable center posts like this zero five five you know to get that top-down shot I love these tripods they’re lightweight they’re great for food photography but personally I think they fail for two reasons one they don’t get the camera out far enough across the table because they’re.

Not tall enough so most likely you’ll be photographing that dish on the floor I like to take pictures standing up so that’s a no-go for me but the second reason is to get that camera over the table you have to put the stabilizing leg in the back which means you.

Put a heavy camera or heavy lens and that whole thing is gonna tip over now you could scoop this in and put a weight on the back but I don’t know it just seems like too much hassle for what you get I want an overhead camera setup that was you.

Know perfect for food photography but also great for my videos for stop-motion animation or time lapses of me styling my food so I make this killer overhead setup I’m gonna be using two light stands one Avenger 40 inch extension arm two Avenger grip heads a three-quarter inch stem or spigot a level and a man fertile ball head that I just scavenged off one of my.

Tripods fit this figure into one of the group heads attach the tripod head slide that on from the middle of the extension tight-knit take the other group head and place it on the end then attach the whole bar to the light stance one on this side and one on this side wait down the legs pop that camera on raise it.

Up level it and now you can start rocking that overhead shot like a pro for your photos for your videos or hey a mix of both this entire setup here – the camera cost me less.

Than $300 but actually what I like about it the most is just how portable it is I can break it down throw it all in a light stand bag it’s super lightweight take it on location at restaurants set it up and within minutes being rocking that overhead camera shot another cool little thing about this overhead camera setup is that it’s me out.

Of all the stuff that I would bring on a shoot with me anyway so if I need to I can drop it down and use it to hold up a background or I could pull it apart and use it to hold up my diffuser or a white card it’s just a cool.

Trick of the trade that I think will help you out a bunch and hey check out that link in the description below because on.

We together calm I’ve placed an article with all the cool stuff that you need to make.

This at home and as always please hit that subscribe button turn on notifications give it a thumbs up a like drop a comment down below and I’ll see you in the next.


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