Hey welcome to my new series the series is about creating drone videos editing drone videos to be more specific the ideas to provide a bit of help for people who just get into the editing who maybe have used something like the DJI app automatic video ad creation iMovie the Microsoft Movie Editor movie maker whatever it’s called or instagrams.

Editor all those those tools mostly do automatic or just allow you to to to put a few.

Or clips in there now if you really want to make your video special you have to do but more you have to put in a lot of work and you have to know a few things and this is.

Where does series comes in I want to actually help you to get where you can create those kinds of videos that you see on YouTube every day so the be this first episode is I call it episode 0 episode 0 is basically episode 0 because it doesn’t really teach you that much yet it’s more about a bit of what you need to have to make drone videos or what you should have obviously the first thing is having a.

Drone and that should be one that has emerged civilization and ideally this that is optical image stabilization by using a gimbal or something like that and a digital illness image stabilization where she really is just cropping into the footage well now the drones that I’m using are drones by DJI I’m not sponsored by them not sponsored by any of the brands that I’m going to name in this video just just so you know but DVR is currently the market leader for.
Camera drones and there is basically no real competition to them.

There is unique with their age serious drone which is interesting but it’s not a beginner’s drone and there is a few other ones who have created drones.

But none of them has the stability or the image quality of DJI at the moment so the first thing that you need is your drone you need to go out you need to fly it.

Know how to fly to make nice images and there is a ton of videos on YouTube about creating video with a drone meaning recording it I just searched for cinematic drone on YouTube and you will find a lot of tutorials a lot of videos for people tell you what they think is the most important things that you need to know to create cinematic looking video with your drone the most important things are.

Stuff like flying a straight line plan your flights stuff like that again I’m not going to go into that much detail just go to get you out of the search term you’ll be fine and actually I might might be able to put a few links in here but no promise made on that so the next thing once.

You have have your footage is usually you want to have some music as well so obviously you could be using this in a different way but music.

Is something very very important and in those videos or even if you’re using the drone footage only as a scene in your block or whatever have it having a bit of music that it goes well with the scenery is what’s actually getting you know I’m sorry.

That’s what’s actually getting the viewer involved emotionally with the scene now the easiest way for you to obtain music that you can use where no one would see you and stuff like that is to use YouTube’s audio library.


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