Goodnight good morning guys today is Sunday it is around 9 a.

today I’m doing a prenup photo shoot I usually don’t shoot this early but I have to yeah so I’m just gonna take you guys through a little bit of the photo shoot today and then later on I’m gonna talk to you guys about my number one rule.

When it comes to taking photos of couples I hope that tip will be helpful to you guys maybe in the future when you guys shoot troubles because it has helped.

Me a lot just let’s hope it doesn’t rain that’s really hope it doesn’t so welcome to my career come on let me show you react I’m just kidding we’re in enduro so this is our first location yeah we’re shooting outside first because we don’t want too harsh yeah but I know it’s supposed to rain because I checked the weather up and obviously when I’m shooting it’s going to rain so we are taking the time to shoot outside while it’s not raining so hey you guys reading our.

Second location though and I love the lighting here it’s so bright so yeah we’re doing the second choice this is actually where the reception is gonna be so it’s kind of like a foreshadowing so awesome yeah so anyway.

The is done and now it’s time for me to talk about my number one rule when it comes to taking photos of couples it really helps me it helps the couple and it makes the shoot atmosphere a lot better so my number one rule when taking photos of couples is to make the emotions real you.

Probably know about this but I want to explain how I do it personally in my shoots I want the couple’s emotions to be as real as possible fake or planned expressions are a lot better in fashion photography boy when it comes to portrait photography and maybe couple photography or wedding.

Photography we want to bring out the real kind of emotion for people to see we know that the couple is very happy and very in love so.
We want to see that in the photos as the person behind the camera it is.

Our job to make it show with their facial.

Expressions and with their body language being a photo shoot environment can sometimes be stressful for some people not everybody is.
Very used to it just like a while.

Ago the weather was very hot so we’re all sweating and the Sun is always in our eyes for some people being in from the camera is very awkward help them feel as comfortable as possible so that the emotions that.

They project are very true as much as possible I make the couple focus on each other more than me yes I will give them a little bit of direction in terms of posing so that they.

Don’t look awkward in the camera because they don’t know how they look like in the camera but in terms of the expression I asked him to talk.

Or I asked him to tell a story and they remember why they are there in the first place so while ago it just made them relax a lot more I was able to capture that emotion without having to.

Like be aggressive in terms of telling them all be like this feel like this it just came out naturally because I asked them to be themselves and it.

Made everything a lot better it just went a lot smoother and the photos for me it turned out really really great so that’s all I have for today thank you guys for watching I hope the tip was very helpful and maybe you can use that technique in a future photoshoot or maybe when your parents ask you to take a photo of them please make.

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