Hi this is Robin and today I am going toshow you how I post-process my food photographs using only a smartphone myfavorite app to post process images is Snapseed by Google I have here a listof photographs taken with my smartphone currently I’m using the Motorola G5SPlus let’s start with this image of a green tea lime juice first I would.

Get into the right orientation I think that’s okay theproblem with this image or normally camera sometimes is that it doesn’t getthe color balance right so.

To correct the color balance you.

Can use the Warmthslider I will just slide it all the way and as you can.

See the warmth actuallycreated a more natural looking image next I will add brightness I will liftup the shadow I’ll boost the contrast and finally I will increase the saturationbecause I like my food images to look colorful that’s done I would also liketo crop the image a bit tighter alright just to bring you right.

Into the glassokay I think I’m happy with this so I will just save it next I will have mmm this granola bowlhere now the issue.

With this image is because the camera thinks that the imageis very bright so it is slightly under exposed so first I.

Would like to boostthe shadow area or increase the brightnessand I will use the.

Ambience and ambience actually boost the green color as youcan see so everything looks a bit more balanced and nice and the bowl looksslightly bluish again the camera doesn’t get the white balance right.

That’s okaywe can always compensate that.

A little bit here by adding warmth not too much -oh you look very yellowish add a bit more brightness contrast I will boost thehighlights just a little bit and finally saturation okay I think it looks okay Iwill crop the image tighter again as usual and that’s done I’ll save this moving on let’s see what else we have aflat lay of a few plates of food all rightrotate this again to the.

Right orientation I think that’s okay.

First Iwould like to crop so that I can just focus on the area that I.

Want to work onlet’s get a bit tighter here let’s move in the image has some imbalance of thebright and dark areas so I will work with the shadow and highlight firstwhere is the.

Shadow of booster shadow area I’ll increase the brightness getthe ambiance right then I will add warmth again for that more naturallooking image then I’ll boost the contrast saturation and maybe a bit ofhighlight I just process it now that’s before and that’s afterbefore and after all right Safety’s let’s.

Doone more quick one what else do we have maybe maybe maybe maybe this vegetariannoodle bowl ah all right again I would like to crop this to get a bit closer tothe image it’s a lot of negative space around the edges let’s just go right inokay I will add a bit of warmth to the image looks quite okay so let’s not addtoo much increase the brightness improve the ambiance lift the shadow around alittle bit boost the highlight add contrast andfinally a bit of saturation just to make.

The red and the greens and the yellowspop a little bit more okay let’s compare before and after before after okay Ithink I’m done I hope that these quick tips will help you to know how.


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