Hi everybody Amanda TV Kenny welcome to another food photography tutorial in fact I hereby relaunch my food photography basics series that I started end of 2017 but then well I went on holiday and my computer crashed so long story short here we are back again in this series I will explain and share with you all my tips and.

Tricks about photography in general and food photography in particular to help you become a better photographer in this first episode I’m gonna explain and share with you my four.

Tips that helped me improve my image quality from this to that and ultimately allowed me to produce higher quality and more engaging social media content so hope these four.

Tips will help you to and stay tuned because in the end I’m gonna give away an additional bonus tip that hopefully will help you in improving your image quality and getting it to a professional level so without further adieu let’s roll the intro alright step number one of my four tips to improve your image quality is get.

An interchangeable lens camera like a DSLR or a mirrorless camera because these are so much more versatile in food photography and photography in general than just using a smartphone but you might say the cameras on smartphones nowadays they’re really good and yes I have a Samsung.

Galaxy s8 and the camera in there it’s fantastic but well the shallow depth of field is not as good and you know zooming in or telephoto is also not very good and for that you need an interchangeable lens camera but if all you want to do is shoot top-down floodlights then a smartphone may be.

All you need because there you don’t need shallow depth of field and then if you have a good smartphone with a good camera that might be all you need but I personally think that an interchangeable lens camera like a DSLR or a mirrorless will be a very good choice but you don’t need the latest.

Version of these cameras because what do you need as a food photographer you need ISO 100 or 200 so you don’t need those crazy eyes or numbers because you will be mostly shooting on the tripod so you’re not working in low-light situations most of the time and most of the time you will be shooting with.

A manual focus so you don’t need the lightest and fastest AF system out there you don’t need 500 frames per second burst rate because well most of the times you will be shooting one photo at a.

Then check it and then go back if you do action shots you might need more frames per second burst rate but three to five what is offered in most modern and even older generation cameras it’s all you need so you will see.

You don’t need let delay the specs and like it’s 6,000 bucks camera all you need is possibly a camera that is like this 10 years old and that offers you to mount different lenses to it so when people ask me what camera should I buy.

I always ask what is the budget and let’s say they say $500 and then I say walked and spent 200 on a camera because this all you need and then tip number two get good lenses so spend 200 on the lens and 100 on the accessories because the lens makes much more of a difference than the camera itself especially for food.

Photography you don’t need the latest specs camera you need really good lenses.


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