Young man Joey Tanner’s gone missing earlier this week this being the fourth in a series of mysterious disappearances please are asking for any information you might have coming up next we got for you 14 carries Hey come here off him no I haven’t been here before you’ve been taking pictures long I can’t hear you gonna come down and.

Talk I’m Aaron Jeremiah this place is pretty cool yeah uh I’ve been taking pictures here for a while want to go check.

Out the building over there I was actually just passing by I was taking photos from up there how about another time sure uh uh I’m heading to the river tomorrow want to join alright here’s my number all right nice.

To meet ya Hey say cheese yeah I I can see you’re hanging at my place something she wrote Hey late Oh sorry battery’s dead now so we’ve got to go back to my house I just stay here I’ll wait for you I just got here so I can take some shots Ya Allah serum hey what’s up it’s freely or card I just wanted to talk uh maybe we can.

Go and get some shots or something well it’s 4:00 in the morning it’s pretty late you by the tree that means with me it’s for 20 hours in a search for your waist on full force the police requesting for information and we agree singing.


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