Ladies and gentlemen what’s up everybody it’s slice of me were slicing gaming and we are live ready to rock and roll and hopefully hopefully we’re gonna be having some crucial openings tonight that’s that’s at least the idea behind this and I almost I’m this perfect 66 energies so I’m sitting pretty on that we’re gonna get in I get.

Let’s see here three hours till these t1 alphas expires so I have to make some decisions tonight which is why we’re gonna be opening some crystals what’s up Marcus.

Writes less Spartan Jane Dario and Wesley Thomas good to see you folks welcome welcome do me a favor guys do me a favor hit that share putt and let everybody know we’re up we’re live we’re rolling nice and now the tweet you retweet like the tweet all you can do with all the tweets whatever it is that you do any help is always greatly appreciated and we are live.

Over on Twitch as well and we’re going it’s go time let’s reset the daily leaderboard the weekly stays in play currently on the leaderboard I got Jose.

And Michael sparks Michael donated five bucks got himself his first SGA logo not gonna lie it was pretty awesome looking I was pretty thrilled about how I came out and Jose and Carlos have been up on.

The board King cush donated last night also and is now the stream boss so we’ve got some time we got to take him out of here because of that though we will be having a giveaway tonight so there will be a champion wrote down on my notepad that means.

There’s gonna be an energy refill going out to somebody get in here let’s see who’s gonna get it and let’s keep moving now with that being said I am going to share all this lovely information.

That is the information for the stream so twitch retweeting it hey thank you twitch appreciate it we are live one second there’s one two three.

Four five I need six Who am I missing that’s g2 all right there we go Genesis so.

I pulled the trigger what did you do Jedi I’m curious is magic good unawakened absolutely she is she’s a great champ awakener unawakened doesn’t matter rank for my five star voodoo not a bad choice.

What’s up silver good to see you alright now that I’ve got all that sent out let’s get moving we get we got a little bit of work to do luckily I’m almost done here which is great this 100 percents this and then we’re.

Gonna go to simulate difficulty or however you want to pronounce that and hopefully put in some quick work will have a feature from.

That I’ve got a featured 5 star I’ve been saving and we are cracking those.

Because I’ve got t1 alphas about to expire and I don’t know who I’m going.

Around who I’m gonna I’m gonna rake up so slicer you get an email from in the Cabana showing your September stats I don’t know I don’t really check my email terrible let’s check them email matter of.

Fact I’m glad you said something because I should be checking my email again can I get a secretary any secretaries out there raise your.
Hand please I need a secretary I’m terrible by mail and email man can.

Famous enough to get a secretary yet I got a long way to go but please I just sit around and think of big picture ideas what movie was that your big picture oh no no that was the office Michael Scott your big.


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