Hey what’s going on guys it’s a boy Tolson today we are back with another final fantasy brave Exodus video and yep I made the job guys I am on the JP version I installed the game yesterday so you guys can see I still have a lot of things locked out that’s the three year anniversary on the the JP.

Honest if the three three year anniversaries like that on the global it’s gonna be amazing because they gave us lots lots of things so I don’t feel like pulling on the valkyrie profile on the global version basically because I’m drained out of all resources lapis and tickets Ignace.

Took a lot Citra took a lot you guys know about it and the halloween also took a lot and you know what I figured we’re here on the JP side I’m starting a fresh new account so let’s get some pulls in here I have a lot.

Of e^x tickets we’re gonna do.

Today the first daily right here nothing changes the only thing that changes is the Japanese text and everything I’m still trying to get through it it’s not easy to go from.

English to Japanese obviously especially that I never read Japanese before but I know we got.

Rustled so at least some units I know exactly what they are and what they do so we have we have some PX tickets right here and yeah like I started yesterday and already have 17 tickets right here.
Can see that Japanese is crazy guys it’s.

Crazy so let’s go into the e X tickets because that’s basically all I got I have 20 of those we have 2 5 star DX tic tickets 8 4 star we have 10 of the 3 stars so let’s get going I just want to see what I can get to basically build.

Up my team and we’re starting with a gold also I might do a livestream when I’m actually gonna go through the this story of the game in the Japanese version so.

We got this big guy with a wrench alright I’ll take it I’m nobody does but so we got oh nice hat seven.

No I think that’s attack 34 no maybe magic I don’t know confusion resist anyway that’s really good I’m still looking through the stuff since.

Said it’s a big jump going from the English version global version to the Japanese version but I still have a lot of things to learn and I’m happy I can do that also like I said live streaming I’m gonna livestream playing through the the regular story quest and maybe do some summits yet mm-hmm we.

Got another Gold JP look nope Oh million dual all right girl thank you I don’t know if you’re still relevant in the JP but I think you are not girl.

I don’t think you’re you’re relevant anymore all right let’s keep going let me know down below guys if you’re pulling for the valkyrie profile units like I said I am NOT pulling for them they’re nothing crazy I might do a review on them but if you guys want to review on the unit’s you guys can follow my boy X you did a review on all the units and.

Let’s be honest unless you have a dupe of them they’re not gonna be crazy crazy crazy and yeah that’s pretty much about it I love the fact that you can triple cast abilities but the only problem is you can’t triple cast the same ability and you have.

To triple cast three different abilities not a big fan of that and let’s be honest I never played valkyrie profile so I don’t have any attachment to it and I know in the future looking at the schedule from JP in the next couple of weeks we’re gonna have some good good good units coming out so I want to keep some resources for when these units are gonna come out especially looking at Truax dark looking at you axe dark and see.

Chart to see chart should be coming soon and I really don’t want to spend too much on units that I’m not gonna actually use so.

I’m gonna be keeping my resources for them and I’m gonna be jumping back and forth from the global to the Japanese.

Version and we got this big dudes oh it looks pretty cool nice lion with a sword great alright we’re.

Gonna keep moving up we’re gonna keep moving on we have 15 more tickets hopefully we could get lucky also I I was looking at the banners sorry on the JP version.
And yesterday I got I got shafted I had 5000.

To use it on the Zach banner because basically they have a banner where you can get different characters and I got screwed up because the banner was up for 24 hours so when I got home.

Last night the banner wasn’t there anymore.

But I’ll show you guys the banner after I think tomorrow I’m gonna have a banner we have a banner where you have all physical damage dealer.

So you’re gonna have a chance to get X lark heal and I think sefirot if I’m not mistaken and let’s be honest I am gonna keep that 5,000 lapis.

And pull on that banner cuz I want some good physical damage dealers so that’s the thing so it’s a brand new friend it’s a brand new start.

Here on the JP version and let me know down below guys if you.

Enjoy that we’re gonna go back and forth between the global and the JP so yea yea yea global is always gonna be my main account guys.

But JP I just want to see exactly you know it’s a good way to learn Japanese right I think it’s a good way to learn Japanese because I already find some text on reddit’s where.

They explain they translate everything so it’s gonna make it a little bit easier for me as we’re having that good sip of coffee.

Oh alright look at this girl what do you have as a TM what do you have is DT at TM 105 attack swords ooh fire elements and I guess it gives you dual wheels.

Wow coming from a three star unit not bad at all so last.

Three star X ticket boom we’re gonna go right now still blue doesn’t matter guys we’re gonna keep the the summon together so we’re gonna go for a group seven if you guys want to join me the next.

One’s gonna be a group seven oh look at this kid see I’m looking at all these new characters and I’m like really excited because that they’re all new HP fifteen percent yeah I guess that’s a resistance to all these things.

And the four hundred percent I have no idea but I’m gonna read up into it so yeah guys groups of it if you guys want to.

Join me on that one pull out your phone’s emulators iPads tablets whatever you guys use to play the game pull them out we’re gonna summon together and hopefully some of somebody out there will get a rainbow alright so I’m trying to link my luck for somebody out there to get a rainbow so you guys really.


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