Hey how’s it going guys it’s Pat um today we’re gonna try to get level 39 should be much of a problem what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna head to storm an objection asked for gear cuz I haven’t won any gear so I figured out that I would need to buy some at least something at least look but.

Had the storm in anyway I haven’t been there in a while and I’m the way what I’m doing is I’m stopping at all the places that have.
Ends so that I could get the.

Pumpkins just decent experience sound leveling us right now they’ve gotten a few more bars um since I last recorded stopped at all I’m stopping to everyone.

See there’s one right there I believe no there’s this looks a little different well yeah these are for the event guys they’re not super exciting but it’s getting me experience and now I’m Skelton well yeah I’m not gonna do that I’ve already done all these achievements on my on my made.

Character the flight path counts this way but yeah I’ve done them all my main.

Character so I’m not gonna bother on this I’m just gonna head to some of these on the way just.

To get some experience because it seems to be decent since I’m headed that way anyway.

You probably wonder how I got here I had my heart somewhere weird so I just use it at least it was on this continent I guess but yeah what I’m doing I’m.

Just gonna head to everyone on the wipe not everyone but um once it may have it I don’t know I think this one has one I believe I had went to all these already on.

My other character I kinda remember the names I’m just gonna head back there see what we can get um just looking at my gears just horrendous I need to at least buy.

At least buy a ring right here I need at least a ring oh yeah we’ll do that guys alright guys we’ll hand this one in we’ll gain I won’t let you miss me gaining no you want to see it BAM there we go we’re little 39 now almost.
40 I’m definitely getting that cape when we get back.

There I’ve got the trueshot aura now melee and range attack power increased by 10% that should help.

A bit so let’s see if we got locked any dungeons or something like that we are we have unlocked dire more capital Gardens I think I’m gonna head to town first before I commit myself to that though alright guys amid the storm on one thing we need to do most important thing talk to this.
Person we oh I did get the satchel but I don’t really need it right.

Now but I can’t get this cape for level 44 next level pretty nice 9 agility 6 hey 6 stamina much better than my 6 agility to standards let’s buy.

That that’s what that’s why we got exhausted guys just for that yeah what we’re going to do is we’re gonna check out the auction house really need to buy something I have some cash I.

Have what 716 gold at least by some that’s probably be ridiculously overpriced but I want to at least take a look and I think never.

Keeper have I talked to them not the empty bribe I talked to the pumpkin here no a bit too fast experience for me I’ll bake it I’ll duplicate item you can’t have more than one of these in your.

Inventory I made this mistake before well yeah I figure I’ll just do this for the experience it’s like half a quest or something basically the one go or do you bar and a half um I think I’m gonna cue us up what I’m gonna do because um should have enough time to.

Check out the gear right don’t it’s probably to go like right now but let’s check.

Alright we’re almost 39 so the level range we’ll put it up to 39 from 30 go to weapons its way to go I thought I put 30 my.

Wear I can wear crossbows I can wear that anything no.

Regular bows ooh it’s like I really want to buy that actually looks so awesome just to strike your range target with a seared arrow for 22 fire damage has a look it doesn’t look very.

Cool for being purple so tempting though gonna buy the oh it went already hold on how about guns explosive shotgun it’s no better than mine alright quickly we must go over the armor leather armor 3039 how long do we have with.

25 seconds big voodoo Matt’s not gonna.

Help us oh god this stuff’s so expensive I don’t have this organized said we’re gonna tie rarity other way crap 12 seconds anything here that’s a little bit better oh man okay editor weird awaits don’t worry we’re gonna win something if not we’ll just buy something but things were.

Looking pricey all right yeah we are back in here again guys it’s the other wing.

Of the place try to remember it exactly oh this one’s not too long this is pretty shorts from what I remember we get in here a growing anything and put this back on aspect of the hawk I’m ready.

To do some the deccan oh and I did I did switch my um my key bindings again try to fix them a little bit a little bit I’ll try my best here but yeah I changed them again and I changed something to caps.

One I have a few now a few different ones so hopefully that’ll help but I don’t know the ID bark and warp wood wants the mighty protectors of LJ Dallas look at how they have fallen.

Ultimately their fate lies at the hands of myself and my fellow highborn we were reckless with our power human but you you can but you you can right the wrongs here venture forth and put tendrils tendresse were put to.

Rest he was the mightiest and last defender of this area and deserve spiritual release be wary for if you do not dispose of the iron bar protectors project engaging tendrils you will call them to assist all right well do all these more quests dams let’s.

I need to repair the cursed remains there.

Are cursed remains beings death pose a direct threat to us even reclaiming the sacred city Magister conjures and Yaya Raven note are both extremely dangerous and need to be disposed of as quickly as possible exercise caution.

Bowen they’re being Sophie remain being off of a more thrust energies they’re likely to be stronger than they first appear one more guys some oh no why am i in red okay I guess I’m okay some beings have been.

Miraculously managed to remain free of the darkness that run so rampant on the second story of the court of the high one Restless gender nah ancient seek it out beheld of wisdom all right let’s do it come on it’s time to.

Go beast outta here before we get kicked.


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