All the weekend it’s finally here finally Chris Brown first one in yes you are sir could be I’m Devin good to see it what’s new my friend it’s up to you for you three thank you you know you probably got Buzzard good afternoon sir and everybody doctrine do you literally I can’t even talk good afternoon to you sir.

Good afternoon here’s what’s going on TJ hailing from Toronto Ontario Canada I like skills alright so I gotta get this Ryan done so I can head out.

That is the plan get the hell.

Out of the house man get these labs done first what’s new with you guys fights freaking fried hey yo what’s up man it’s gonna ricochet that resistor knows no joke really killed your damage longest Hawkeye.

Plate ever chase work on initial clear 5.

4 nice just have wolves Hulk and MODOK get her down bro Morningstar would have this fight done in no time I don’t have a morning started my team but you’re absolutely right model fighting our overloaded labyrinth for hero use cuz Matt.

Work and lazy nicer Gachet Oh Darnell Jackson thanks for that sometime I appreciate that if this if you’re in the chat all right so uh replicate recovery aspect to death brute force aggression she’s death Genesis.

Alright uh hmm get her done TJ get him up there man I got a beat on the your crap I try to squeeze that heavy in there man.

Danny higher the che being thrown by don’t give a damn shade for what we talking about what you’re talking about TJ who’s throwing shade okay okay was it that he has that made him just destroy me through my block like that oh my god I’m gonna die again no not because I got in a circle huh what death holy.

Crap dude holy crap this heimdal is wrecking me what’s up 60 holy crap my whole team’s going down just easily good power.
Gain again isn’t he okay alright alright.

Alright things are going more our way now you can ask her to death do this brutal why can I get freaky ferryman like I just said ma lished my team sub team the man how you doing I heard the great find that already produce a stream for some assistance with the roster for him to find out I know I think tormenting princess is rain to.

Be honest with you so until tormenting princess figures out how to say the style Skype in the year 2018 she is rain bro that is true freak shade as long as you enjoy.

Using them for sure is this peach is on black wolf you have an armored up the fact if really I didn’t know that I mean it’s done immunity oh no you have to be a girl that grew like grill champs fermenting sorry sorry rain keep faking bro keep vacant hashtag rain exposed hashtag fake.

Empire so su dia Oh fake ring got quiet what’s wrong rain why quiet they expose you mr. Pinar hi sir whose bear to awaken Korg or kill monger terrain for Korg for sure kill manga does need the awakening let’s put him on defense What’s Up sweetie do what’s new what’s up Kristina a nice with hello hello alright just bought a bishop with the node gains energy when he hits block and so he shoots his sp1 guy so he shoots his sp1 and get another infinite sp1 I was like wow any time.

He talked about honor the occult labs shake my head you’ve been drinking no no I’m perfectly sober really sober especially especially was unblockable and yeah drinking though nothing wrong with that so do you that’d be that’d be tomorrow for me I mean building poises against war machine is brutal in a block game is ridiculous oh I knew that was gonna happen why they run in hey dude I got three pass left in similar difficulty and only 60 strands what would you do only 60 strands I got you.

Should have weighed more than that if you’ve done heroic and if you did heroic and master an epic then you should have way more shards than that so do you think it’s better to invest with Korg than kill monger if you’re gonna outweigh if to awaken them yeah for sure cuz course when a benefits from being awakened more than kill monger I don’t know if I’m gonna.

Get through this labs without using a revive or something man that heimdall destroyed me okay whatever I can’t this is a bad idea I’m so screwed I was gonna die it was special warned you.

Watch well maybe not may be nice let me push him oh my god that’s block-damage dude I tried to evade it by guess it wasn’t quick enough and Here I am and I’m dead yep Oh Perry look how much block D which was that I was like 10 percent or something I don’t have a good master but I passed so slow one random boost be really gets me the.

Boss oh yeah you’re supposed to do heroic – dude they get all those uh those Clint air thingies alright the team got wiped what’s up old you Gary I got wiped man heimdall destroy me now you’re gonna use should I use your help potion sure these leave little wins.
Pinellas thanks for that sub let me appreciate.

That man I can’t believe that Heimdall just room my whole team the fucking block-damage oh my god way war machine is super annoying oh.

The guy there’s a war machine boss – geez dude what’s this guy got recovery buffet raged go away life transfer I like that I like that life transfer and – vulnerability I think I’ve.

Seen that yes don’t cast these specials that we got straight back what’s up Jorge 89 how you doing man well give me that.

Hell sweet sweet hell don’t cast specials don’t get only sub coupe Alan get lots.

Of distance before trying to evade ESP one for more machine I’m not even going to try to evade I don’t know how to evade war machine special one dude what’s up real deal how you do men cornered go away with you get out of here now this I can handle let’s eat that armor up yeah oh man and once it’s in the air you cannot evade.

It’s so weird it’s like your cape is stuck there god that.

Time the Marcus rice can it be fully evaded I’ve never really tried to fully evade warmachine special one dude never really tried you.

See dis is a baby before it maybe if I practice it a bit whatever that’s why he’s not a five-star sup Danny see.

That nom nom is so satisfying yeah that’s really cool when it heals up what’s up Pavel really don’t think you can fully evade war machines if you wanted maybe with Starks body well Starks body automatically evades it so let’s try this again.

Hopefully there’s not a hind dollar what’s my ass well there’s a Thanos I never seen him in a while straight back Genesis recovery critical armor okay just don’t cast special some Matt’s yokai do men.


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