In this video you’ll learn how to block access to social media websites using for to guard categories you’ll need an active license for Ford Agard web filtering services web filtering with Ford Agard categories allows you to take action against a group of websites in a certain category computers on your internal network will not have access to any websites.

Category you can go to the four de Guard website to find out which websites are included in the category if there are any additional specific websites and subdomains that you’d.

Like to block you can combine four de Guard categories with our static URL filter first go-to system feature select and enable the Web Filter feature apply your changes go to security profiles.
Web Filter to edit the default web filter profile.

Open the profile and enable the for DES guard category based filter.

You’ll see a list of main category groups right click on the general interest personal category and then scroll down to the social networking subcategory right-click on it and select block you go to policy and objects ipv4 policy.

To create an internet access policy that blocks social media select create new and named your policy blocking social media set incoming interface to the local area.

Network and outgoing interface to the internet facing interface set source to all destination address to all schedule to always serviced all action to accept and enable net go down to security profiles and enable web filter then select the default web filter profile from the drop-down menu enable SSL SSH inspection and select certificate inspection this allows the FortiGate to apply web filtering to HTTP traffic now apply your changes and then move you’re blocking social media policy above your.

Regular internet access policy just click on the far left column to drag it to the top more granular policies must always come before your less restrictive full access policies.

Open a browser on your internal network and try to visit several social media websites let’s try visiting an HTTP site like meetup comm you can see a web page blocked message appears when you attempt to visit any sites in a.

Blocked category now try visiting a site that uses HTTPS like Facebook you may see an error from your web browser that your connection is not private and the FortiGate is not providing the correct certificate credentials to prevent cert warnings.

Like this you need to go through the additional steps shown in this cookbook recipe now back in the FortiGate interface go to 40 view websites to view the attempts to access these sites select the 5-minute view and you can see all the blocked domains thanks for watching for more.

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