Roswell flight test crew here at drone 2018 I’m speaking of a Shawn here from hi-tech commercial solutions nice meet you Tom hey Brian good to see you so what do we have new today okay what I’d like to tell you about today is the Zeno FX this is our drone slash survey vehicle as you can see it is.

A fixed-wing so the advantage of.

Fixed-wing is it can fly much longer and cover a larger area it’s gonna fly for about an hour a little over 30 to 33 miles an hour so not too fast kind of an ideal speed for the sensor okay that’s really great now as far as your serving I feel how does it take off and land so.

It’s actually a hand launched so it’s gonna use simply if you can toss a paper airplane you can launch the xeno FX we have what’s called safety launch where the propeller will not spin until after it’s left your hand and because the wing loading is low it’s gonna just a gentle glide the motors gonna kick in and.

Then it’s going to climb out to its proper altitude to start the survey and what about landing well it doesn’t auto land it’s going to rotate around the.

Landing near you and you’re gonna tell it where to land it’s gonna come in it’s gonna dive down but it’ll hit kick.

In reverse thrust and then it’s gonna level out and flare where you told it to land.

And I notice that you’ve got multiple payloads here on the bench here what do.

You have and what purpose do they have essentially so the idea behind this type of sensor drone is the modularity of the sensors and because everyone’s.

Needs are just a little bit different and you could be at the same field but you want a few different spectrums of light or maybe you want a topo and then you want to do different multi multi spectrums so the sensors actually just pop in and out of the.

Vehicle so you can you could change the sensor in a matter of 30 seconds and you’re gonna tell the flight control.

System mission planning software what sensors in there it knows the proper altitudes you can make adjustments that is awesome now of course you mentioned software.

Computer or tablet woody how do you do this oh good question we came up with our own app it’s called high tech Mission Control and you can plan your mission beforehand and then go out to the site make any adjustments you need to or if you.

Simply walk out there and you’re ready to launch your mission that’s great and one of you find out you get on site and there’s something in like a whole tree just adjusted on-site you can adjust it.

On-site you can tell it to go fly over it it’ll actually do terrain-following also so it can make an adjustment for the terrain but it’s very easy to do you can go in and edit the mission and you can plan a mission within a matter of just a few minutes once the plane lands it’s gonna download all the images straight to the tablet so at the end of the day you’re looking for the data there’s a a companion computer on.

Processing the metadata which is the GPS location this is the pitch the roll the all in to each pictures and that’s already done while it’s flying so.

When it lands it downloads all the pictures that are ready for post-processing straight to the tablet it eliminates the step it makes the.


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