So in my last video I was tinkering around with the cat X the new cat X merchant 2 and now I just want to show you some new settings that I played around with yesterday basically I chose turning off the wide dynamic range gave a very it gave a very interesting look but I found that that’s not gonna.

Work in every situation because there’s a reason why we have wide dynamic range in our conference these days because of the different conditions that we fly in and it really brings up the black level so that you can.

See those dark shadows or those hidden ghost branches that might smack you in the face so I decided I’m gonna turn it back.

On and think about some of the other settings how this has been documented I know Albert Kim had quite a few videos on the settings but when I looked on the image at first I thought it is really bright and because everything is so bright it looks washed out and it just looks a.

Toy so I literally just turned the right is done by one I experimented with contrast everything else but I found the best setting it literally turned the brightness down by one and I turned the.

By three because it looked a little bit flat and it really made a huge difference I think that’s what happens when I turned off the white dynamic range the black levels in the FPV looks all kind of acceptable I.

Could still see a little bit of detail but in the HD was totally black so there has to be a compromise between those two unfortunately cannot.
Adjust the two feeds differently so I found that doing this it’s.

A perfect balance so here you can see I’m flying.

With the Sun behind the clouds and it’s looks a bit washed out but it’s still acceptable it’s not bad at all no I come from a background of video production.

And I remember those first days of.

Doing the digital cameras when I used to get the files from.

Them I looked at them and thought wow that’s.

Very washed out like you know that the basically all those cameras do is they try to capture as much of the black level as possible and it kind of brightens the black level a whole lot and it looks like there’s not much detail but if.

You take that file into your editing software then drop the black levels everything pops out so I think in a way.

It’s better to have the wide dynamic range so you get more details because you if you don’t have a new black in your video if you don’t have any black details.

You cannot add it so if you know you can.

Only take it away but anyway here you see the Sun comes out and what I like is that effect where you can actually see the Sun I don’t like to see the Sun as it’s blown out blob of light in the sky and this looks very pleasing to me and I’m quite happy and you can see the.

Shadows as well so it’s all works so I think this is what I’m going to leave this for though let’s see what other firmware updates they break also I’m very happy with this build the way it came out.

Doing some PIDs and it’s really really feels locked in I think the IH.

3 frame is a very very good frame and even though I’m running this on a two-year sabbatical eases the Tachyon motors.

1108 they are quite powerful they do suck a lot of power then I wish they.


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