Is in body image stabilization coming soon to a canon camera near you hey everybody welcome back to the vlog it is tea time pick your poison guys pick your poison as you can tell we’re still in a witchy theme or Halloween or All Hallows Eve or soin or whatever you want to call it I absolutely love this time.

And I celebrated almost for the entire month some people celebrate Christmas or whatever for an entire month I love All Hallows Eve the whole idea of honoring the ancestors is important to.

Me so today is going to be a cannon day right guys cannon cannon cannon they’ve been getting a lot of flack.

Especially with the advent of the EOS R why do you not have in body image stabilization so I.

Want to talk to you guys about it I want to get your opinion on it and I’m gonna tell you why in a little bit now if you don’t know cannon usually uses is or image stabilization you have.
VR like a nikon side vibration reduction or.

Whatever canon has is which is image stabilization in their lens now you can turn it on and off which is always nice if you can throw something on a gimbal or whatnot you want to shut image stabilization off or for example if you’re shooting on a tripod and you want to.

Shut off that I asked you can right so there is valid points to having image stabilization in a lens it sometimes can be better now that being said.

When you put is into a lens it becomes heavier number one it also becomes larger number two and number three it costs more to create it’s more expensive to do so so it’s not preferred people like light people like small people like.

Of people want I be is so any lens they a fix to that body will have image stabilization even if the lens didn’t have it in the past which is good now.

I said has been getting a lot of flack for not having it.

Especially in there AOS are.

And rightfully so to me Canada has always said that we like I asked for all of these reasons that I said and they haven’t went to IB is because of these reasons but I think at this point they have to it’s time to make that switch and move on into an IB is system especially since you have a mirrorless camera now a mirrorless full-frame camera at that sony has been doing Ibis you have nikon has been doing it with their z6 and their z7 you even have fuji.

Film with their 100s that’s gonna be coming out soon medium format camera with ibis so there’s no reason for Canon not to have it well guys things have changed and that’s what I want to talk to you guys about I’m gonna bring up a schematic now this schematic is for canons brand new patent for guess.
What yes ibis now when we look at this the first thing that.

We see or that I see is number one it’s got a flippy thing right there is a mirror here so this is a DSLR it’s not a mirrorless camera which is odd number one number two at the top we.

See a flash a pop-up flash we also know that only their lower end DSLRs have.

Pop-up flashes everything else they’re pro or prosumer grade do not have pop-up flashes okay so yes we are going to see in body image stabilization soon because Canon does have this.

Patent now on the books so they can put it out anytime they want I’m going to speculate within six months we’re going to see IB is now I will also speculate that we will not see it in one of these cheaper cameras I think we’re going to see it in the brand-new or the next version of the OSR that’s where we’re.

Is almost like a placeholder it’s.

A way to put this patent out there maybe confuse people number one maybe just leave it in there and say yes we’re gonna be able to put it into everything but.

Even though they’re drawing this low-end DSLR remember guys the mechanism is still the mechanism ib is or in body image stabilization that unit that piece that’s vibrating back and forth that’s moving back and forth shuckin and jivin to make it happen that is really what the patent is all about so there was a lot of speculation of oh maybe they’re only.

Gonna put it on there cheaper cameras at first I don’t believe so I have a couple other images here I’m gonna pop up a few more schematics so you can kind of see it some of you guys are more geeky than me I don’t know it’s.

Possible but I know you guys are so you can take a look at those and see what you think and maybe you can come up with a different idea than what I have so in total here seeing that Canon is.

Moving to an Ibis type of system by putting this patent out there I think it is a really good.

Thing because like I said with the eos are they got a lot of flack for not having it and rightfully so because you’re putting out a camera that is mirrorless that is full-frame and where your competitor like a z6 and a z7 has it in it and of course Sony is at it.

Forever it’s a problem it’s definitely a problem and.

I think by seeing this patent we see that the problem is going to be addressed by Canon so I want to hear from you what do you think about this patent do you agree with me do you think it’s going to show up in the next six months let’s say yes No do you.

Think it’s going to be in a cheaper camera mid camera high-end camera do you think it’s going to be in a mirrorless camera where do you think Canon is going.

To put it first or will they just put it across all of their cameras I want to.

Hear from you in the comment area put those comments I answer almost every single one of them even if there’s.

300 or 500 I try to answer every sing comment unlike many.

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