I am you know emergency call oh man they could just get robbed or something you can’t tell me that sounds like I like it Wow looks like yeah it’s all good so we’re at the Bank of the West and it was just a bank robbery here that they’re gonna tape off they’re going to make a noose press conference.

About it later officer or anything most likely it will certify Oh tiger they expect whatever they chill it got you here at detective yeah at the crime scene investigators here now to do their.

Inspection this is a crime scene investigation the ago I guess detective you got to wear a tie that’s the downside yeah I was just trying to figure that out it’s humid as heck up here ya know the or you’re used to it oh this is nothing this is probably good how long you been on the force up here okay this is uh kind of not typical up here or you get them every now and then it everything everywhere else does just got chilly go down right right we’re big so we’re.

Waiting right now basically for the.

News crew to show up where they’re gonna give a I guess a press conference that detective but he didn’t know well yeah we were we were right around the corner at the police station while this was going down you know it’s weird cuz I look and there’s no security you would think I got I don’t know maybe some banks have security on the outside because they could pick up cars you know think leaving I guess everyone’s.

Hey you’re doing the deed inside we got yeah I know that’s why I’m not grilling you I know you can’t stay and.

Well but I can’t feel you I let my bosses right and they don’t really they don’t disclose anything until like the mo is you don’t tuck they.

Won’t the higher-ups they don’t do anything until a press conference happens right right that’s just protocol everything say Facebook oh no everybody’s safe okay get it boy yeah you must be important or know somebody you’ve got a friend that works there but it’s my decision our sisters about me Oh your sisters yeah we just got here which is probably a few.
Minutes they is they won’t confirm but.

They confirmed by not answering yeah they got wrong.

News is going to be pretty similar so your sisters the manager oh really and they’ve been hidden banks around happy really that was good a car oh wow I’m not American Oh kind of useless because I was that I was asking the cop is it on comedy since I you know hit or miss.

Okay whatever he just made it sound like it’s not that yeah yeah good luck to you good luck to your sister already her friend already gave me a thumbs up everything so okay goodbye no patty for long good good take care so they have a guard at this bo bey so here he is that’s funny here’s the guard the security guard for this Bank right here Yeah right here 50 of it 50 of a and basta.

Should have had you me do double duty yes sir I said they should have had you doing.

Double duty you didn’t see nothing huh I didn’t see nothing yeah that’s exactly happened over there they get robbed you guys you know police check bro see where our tax code that’s what we do First Amendment auditors okay you know show the transparency right correct this might we just go out there here but just individuals all over the country but the gentleman there told me his sister manager assistant manager and who told me that.

They’ve been hitting them yeah you didn’t know that they just worked this one I’ve only worked here of four uh since last week normally this would be.

Out of friends yeah gotcha yeah see you guys got a campers right there I was talking to the cops you would think they’d have about side and picked up stuff but that one doesn’t so it’s not good nice talking to you thank you take care so you guys walked over here did any of you guys walk in flower bed or not.

Had an awesome Hey so you guys walked over here did any of you guys walk in flower bed or not you guys know I appreciate it sorry we missed.

I know just a couple yeah so are you gonna make are you the detective that will make the announcement when the press.

Usually doesn’t come out but if press comes out yeah oh yeah sergeant if pressure.

Have a press if a P oh I that would come out and do the stay that word press independent shape a different you can’t make it no our policy is unfortunately we don’t make say that it’s show that nothing yeah we have it at it we had that we had the that take over robber at Chase Bank a couple.

Weeks ago but I think that was the only other one security on the other side yeah that’s common is it cuz that undoes yep they have 15.

Cameras in there but kind of yeah it’s up to the business it’s a seven well summer wallet you know I asked the guard I said.
Man they should be paying you double duty.

Didn’t see anything yeah thanks for chatting but it’s not a problem all right you guys have a good day I can find a footprint it’s not ours.

Okay awesome I appreciate okay take care it was cool bring it so they came across here then bro yeah because he’s looking right now so apparently these guys wept they’ve got shoe prints they can put the molds on here she doesn’t want to talk.

Ya know she at the truck she didn’t like me filming and she was fixing her hair we have taken it out everything yeah thanks Penelope okay oh good question Shino it might be one overall prosperity area yeah everybody’s okay if you’re a respectful and you ask me nicely but if they’re gonna.

Be rude about it they’re not just there that’s nicely right I mean I mean just because we have cameras you have to be rude about it that’s fine you don’t have to be trying to get my job done.
Here come behind me and I’ll take the.

Picture no pic and you guys can come right over here sorry to see that you can make detectives in here now they’re on.

Their phones got three attractiveness one detective left he’s being praised by elf that’s all folks.


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