All right everyone the Hermit here and today we’re going to be talking about an issue that I’ve been experiencing with mod organizer version 1.3 point 1 1 failing to login to the Nexus or connect to the server at all I’m sure I’m not the one having this problem if you are this video may be helpful for you now.

On the 24th of April this year Dark One released a statement saying that there will be a security update for Nexus mod manager with that security update.
They basically altered the server in such a way that these.

Old programs were no longer working as an example I’ll just load up the Nexus sorry the new Vegas.

Modernizer and you’ll see that I’m not logged in if I try and check for updates it will give me a request to Nexus failed invalid response if I try and download a mod from the Nexus it will give me a very similar response it won’t populate this area here so naturally I was very frustrated as to what was happening and decided to look into it it wasn’t long before I came across a fix I’m just on a side.

Note there were fewer the fixes which didn’t work for me and didn’t work for any other but for many of the people should I say I’m sure someone probably.

Was an update by one fella that had basically edited the mod organizer XE and then we uploaded to the Nexus that wasn’t working for everyone some people had some problems.

With that still I then found this here an accreditor it goes to and Dara’s to whoever you are thank you very much for this it has been posted by the tech Pikachu hat though for some reason you must have picked it up from somewhere else but what has happened what this basically does rather is circumnavigate the whole downloading of anything just makes you or all those basically needed it is that you need to change a few lines in a in a file somewhere.

And that should do the job so we’re going to go through it so we’re going to run it’s going to close down this things he can watch you from beginning so we’re going to run notepad plus plus as an administrator you can.

Use notepad here it too so you can I tend to use nope a plus plus now I have the file open but I would have staple it again just to show you so let’s go.

To open and we are navigating through the windows system32 we’re going to look for drivers and then the folder etc now here you can see I had some problem looking for apps to get a folder so.

What I actually did was I navigated for navigated there through the Windows Explorer and found it that way somebody doesn’t show up here and I just pasted the fire path into there and then appear so now I click that and again.

Make sure you’re running in and admin now the next section is you need to paste this line directly to the bottom I’m going to do that now and we’re going.

To save now I did test this before I recorded and I did have some problems it doesn’t seem to kind of apply straight away I think the issue may have been that I did it while my organizer was open which is probably a bad move but either way.

I basically saved that now just follow the instructions here I’ll leave the link in the description and then try and load mod organizer I see here.


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