If you do not like Legos please stop watching now thank you welcome extinction this massive mech battle base is truly an extinction-level event it will blow a Lego head off 900 different kinds of ways and I will walk you through every little detail about this thing let’s get started here Joey first we have the control room we have.

An alien who is controlling this mech on either side of the cockpit there are eight missiles that can detach and fire off on the left side here we have a claw shooting robot gremlins these things will fly out and land on vehicles and just start going to work on them they’ll come flying out.

And there’s four of them and they will do some damage then.

You can just open up claw something and these are little lasers just in case.

You know I mean they’ll go to town on the tube or he needs to use it as a shield that’ll open all the way up like this.

And he’ll just use it to block things he’ll extend out like that and just deflect farm is hinged back here you check out the hinge going on back.

There then in the front we have these little battering rams farm.

Whatever he wants to or you.

Can stick them up like this and it can run through something and then you have a little turret that will just mow down.

Anything and these little things open up so you can get out if you want see and that opens.

Up you got a little extra dude over here ready to shoot little custom gun I made for him then there’s a little communication bot that will come out you’ll come riding down the ramp here you throw this up a little screen and if they need to communicate to the two Lego humans that sure can but there isn’t much communications with.

The same if anything this is a stall tactic they use to let them think that they’re coming in peace when really this is not coming base if anything you will be coming in pieces when you come against this son now let’s check out this little arm alright now this is a spinning laser beam it’s a laser cannon there’s two.

Little lasers on top and these are missiles that shoot off I’ll call them missile Buster’s I’ll call them vehicle Buster’s they shoot off just blow it up and then they these turn.

Into little machine guns so I mean you know I mean you know what I’m saying I’m he’s just gonna go to work on all right now that’s what the front and just that’s just the front okay we’re not even halfway done let’s talk about the sides here we got.
Over here I don’t know if you can see him.

Back there he’s kind of hidden which is what I wanted I wanted him to be hidden so he has a little gun right here a little mini cannon that can aim up towards the sky shoot airplanes or shoot infantry more vehicles whatever he’s got to do at any given time then you got another little robot over here off the side he’ll shoot two just he’ll aim at the shoot.

Wants then these little things right here they’re shields to protect this little gunner back here but they’ll come down like so they need to to help add protection of this guy you go right back up in there then we have.

The exact same setup on this side all right let’s now let’s talk about the top this is anti air defense turrets it spins like that and these spin can you just imagine this thing just mowing down airplanes trying to fly overhead and it’s on both sides so I mean we they’re hitting them with.

Them up with two of them and then guess what oh you don’t want to send a bunch of troops nope not happening today I thought I thought out huh.

On both sides you know what I mean so just whoever you want to send it us they go and get killed then you have the aliens man in it with their little controls on both sides see on their computer screen there waiting for aircraft to come flying in then you.

Have little repair droids they’re just waiting something gets damaged they’ll be up here and they’ll come over here and fix something that they got to and this is the little walkway.

Here then on the back we have these cannons that are spring action you know what I’m saying a little boom boom boom action that’s too old then if that isn’t a deterrent that’s not good enough then we got a little airship that’ll come flying off here too and he takes care of business he’s got a big main cannon right there shoots up for lasers and he got two little side cannons right there shoot out lasers let’s just take a look at him.
He’s got us little control panels it’s gear shifters and these.

Little dudes he dropped some things and they land and they’re little bombs they just attach right there this is what it looks like on our.

Knees and that just sits right back in that little cubby hole and then if somebody needs to go in there you know that’s how thank you.

That’s where the main gutter sits they can go sit back here and hang out with him talk about who else who else they gonna blow up then.

Down in there is town and there’s the engine room you can’t get to it but it’s just what powers this whole beast all right now let’s talk about the back this dude he takes care of the back as you can tell he’s got a big laser cannon this well it’s got this main laser and then these two little boo-boo purrs doo doo doo boop see the Spence.

And the whole thing spins then these come down has little ramps and these got a little backup drones that come we come flying out like that another little backup drone we got another one see him come on and this one’s got two little missiles in time bop bop.

All right and then you can also see those little Gump side Gunners in there okay then we got three extra beads another little robot with the gun just for extra and this guy he controls all of the drones all right any drone that you see all these little dudes this guy all these guys and these other ones I’m about.

To show you here’s another guy these are little helicopter drones and then one more this one’s more of a lack of support vehicle if one of these other dudes get hurt he drops his calls like this he’ll pick them up and carry me back to base elevate so that ladies and gentlemen is extinction.


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