For the first time since the ethnic violence broke out in on-post Moro and enduro in neurochemical counties in clashes that saw several schools closed and candidates preparing for KC PE and caseous affected education C as a minima hamid paid a visit to the region with the exams only a fortnight away her biggest concern was the fate of some.

Candidates who had dropped out of school due to the clashes and I yet to return to a wheelie about her rudaba candidates what manic we.

Need me well Miss America standard one son of thunder the H nu uh Taraka yo mrs.

Vallon enough killing India I’m dr.

Well as mode Amina assuring candidates and residents of security measures to ensure candidates write the exams in a peaceful environment she father discouraged parents from participating in exams cheating meanwhile in Tennessee as Fred martini says parents implicated in cheating will be arrested but yang is saying several suspects were already in custody and under Marx attributed at PS failure Kim sang but certificates of parents of cheating students will be withdrawn those.

Kinds of arguments like oh you know we are punishing parents on behalf of their children honestly let me be blunt we need absolute nonsense because the question is you cannot.

Jeopardize the lives of our children and then they start saying no it is not as it is a parent and so on we will go.

After these people we are determined that no one interrupts the lives of our children phone for practicals begin next week before the written exams kick off next month McCrory engages citizen TV Nairobi.


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