The lhasa salallahu alayhi wasalam actually had a specified time where he would teach women where he would do that especially the women of medina and actually the women of medina were different from the women of Makkah they were actually a lot more bold and the Sahaba even noticed their morbol like Ramona the Eliza they’re not like the women.

Of Makkah so there was a difference between them and their outspoken and we even know that.

From like you know many Arthur and many hadith texts like you know how mothers giving a football of the Allahu and when a woman gets up and says you can’t say that Allah.

Said this like lady why are you not in the sister section behind a glass.

Why are you oh and you’re talking about all about you don’t want to like point.

A finger at Omar like that but she did this is like gutsy lady you know he did that and you know there are sometimes there are assumptions that men and women should not interact with each other at all under any.

Circumstance that’s what Islam wants that isn’t true as a matter of fact non-mac had a man and woman talking to each other in public outside is mentioned in the Quran.

Musa alayhis salam went up to two girls that were not his madam then he went over and talked to them is about what’s wrong with you ladies Mahatma come on what’s wrong with you and they said well we.

Can’t feed our animals until the whole flock is done they had a conversation he didn’t go up to them it says Salam or aleikum what about.

To lie about a cat oh yeah oh yeah my two sisters in Islam.

He doesn’t know even if they’re no Muslims they don’t know they don’t know him he doesn’t know them they don’t know he’s musa alayhis salaam they don’t.

Know that they don’t know any of that but they had a conversation with each other and now I’m talking to another non-muslim about what a problem there they were wrestling with sheep so you have to go talk to them what are you doing what’s going on can I help with something but he didn’t talk prolong the conversation he kept it to the point.

What are we learning in Quran if you keep your conversation to the point it’s fine you will let you might have a female co-worker you might have a class I have students I have to answer their questions they have a right to me as much as the brothers ever to me cuz I’m teaching your class it’s a matter of justice I can’t put them in the back and not give them the same kind of attention that fair and I brought this up if is it fair.

Or not this is no it’s acceptable there are llama that are more conservative on this and there are Lamar Lamar that allow it.

To but there are plenty of mainstream medicine now across the schools of thought scholars that.

Allow this then allow for example this kind of setting if it’s meant with certain kind of restrictions you know there shouldn’t be small talk it mean if I crack a joke it’s to the entire audience not the sisters.

By themselves is it because that’s inappropriate that’s not right right and you’re supposed to have a you know a certain line there’s supposed to be a certain.

Line of discomfort between you and myself or between you and any other non maximum there’s supposed to be a line of discomfort there’s supposed to be a level of seriousness you’re not supposed to be giggly when you come up individually.

In and talk to a nominal matter man you’re not supposed to be like no I have a question brother you said this why learn to be like that learn.

To be like well then learn not to be giggly around non Mahara men if not smiley does a kalau.

Hidden for so many things you’re doing no say that on your own don’t come up and say to me don’t come up and say to me say that to your dad there’s like a long hidin Baba you’re so awesome great when you come up to a non become if it’s your teacher if it’s the.

Imam of the masjid if it’s your employer keep a serious tone keep a serious tone you know when a woman uses a serious tone the man becomes serious automatically girl comes up to you you think.

She’s kind of pretty she comes up Jesus a Michael you’re not gonna get you play around now it’s done it’s over but she can look Jesus now I think I have to lay I got.

No good no good for you then you be like oh why Dickens enough well you know that’s bad for you so you you know you have to keep it as a stern voice and these rules I’m kind of Ludington that’s Luton already covers them these rules.

Are already there you have to keep a stern voice you have to keep your eyes low as well it doesn’t mean you don’t look away like brother I have a question like you do that hi there but you don’t stare at the person you know yes sister do ask in the phone not like that not like that yeah what you mean I’m sorry you mean I will do not mean I’m sorry and that’s normal it’s not like over the top of the idea is to keep yourself low.

Don’t don’t stare you know make just enough eye contact to get your point across and that’s it that’s that’s all you don’t need more than that you know so.

This these these certain things they are the guidelines by which public settings make it make it make it.

Teacher told me a story one time of a man who was walking with his son in the park and they’re walking together and his son looked at a crow in.

And he said Baba what’s that it’s like two year old kid baba said it’s a crow and he said uh-huh what’s.

That it’s a crow okay Baba what’s that it’s the grow o grow what’s that it’s a girl it went on for ten minutes he has some 30 times he counted that kept a score and.

He put it in his little Journal my sign today we were walking in the park asked me about a crow 30 times it was the cutest thing in the world thirty years go by the Sun is not too the Sun is thirty.

Two Sun fall father calls him son can I come over dad it’s not a good time right now so I’m just just bear with me I just need that 10 to 15 minutes.

That’s all I need just go for a drive I need to talk to you about something whatever you know what okay fine so he comes over gets in the car they go over drive over to a park what’s this about dad can you tell.
Me quickly I got things to do just take a walk with me son.

I’ll take a walk see your crow in a tree the dad says son what’s that seriously father it’s a crow Oh son what’s that is this a game I have things to do okay it’s a crow it’s like you can’t see I just got you new glasses last one how is this why is this happening to me dad why are you so difficult I don’t understand what the problem is just tell me what.

You really want I’m busy okay the dad pulls out his journal it’s the son this is something that happened 30 years ago we were walking down this part you saw a crow and you asked me 30 times and I give you a smile every time you couldn’t.

Handle twice what are we giving our pants I’m not even bringing a line to the picture the fact that Allah mentioned himself and then mentioned his parents is you think about that what have they done for us and what have.

We done for them what have we done for them how many parents they like their children are in ICUs and they stand there and so hovering over this little glass box with a baby inside 24 hours a day 7 days a week standing.

In a hospital not even sitting down standing in a hospital like eating off feeding off of like vending machines and that same kid grows up and doesn’t have the time to call that.

Mothers almost died giving birth almost died giving birth and now it’s so difficult to respond to her call or just give her just a couple of minutes a day this is let her feel a little important now how unfair that is that the you were the most important thing to them and.

Your they are so insignificant to you how unfair that is you know they carry that pain with them every day that I am nothing to my check my children I mean nothing’s that worthless to them you know they have no time for me when something is worth something to you it gets your time most.

Of you at this age you want to just get away from your parents there’s a lot of reason with your friends you want to be on your own you just don’t want to be with your parents.

You know that’s you you develop this crooked habit now and it will only get worse.

Over time our parents have very very very strong emotions they’re very protective of us for them you won’t know this until you become a parent for them it doesn’t matter when you.

Turn 60 you’re still their baby they still they still remember changing your diaper they still remember feeding you milk this still remember burping you and cleaning up after you you know peed in the backseat they still remember that you don’t remember that they remember that my son won’t remember that was a cup I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go then all of a sudden he stops complaining about all time to roll down the window you know they start side by what toy are we gonna get for either like oh okay this has.

Not been a good day for the car but what he’s graduating college and when the one day is getting married and one day he has his own he’s not gonna remember that but guess we’ll never forget.

Never forget carrying him into a bathroom cleaning him up changing his clothes I’m blond but the spider-man pajamas on he won’t remember he won’t remember any of that I will I will and that same kid he’s talking back to me one day when he’s telling me dad I just don’t understand you okay I don’t have time right now.


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