Brenda okay now what would you do if we had to stop suddenly are you okay you better catch the TV pitfalls I’m gonna kiss but she’s not gonna do it oh it’s gonna hurt Guinean three make it work ready five five six seven down one three ho capture the top Sammy okay oh my gosh oh my gosh Oh.

Capture the top Sammy okay oh.

My gosh ready set go she can’t even lift it this is gonna be fun you my mom tells me.

To shut the door it’s fine yes you’re telling me Africa the whole continent is in Kenya the country.

Are you stupid London is in England so we’re in London right.

Now yeah so so we’re in London right now yeah is that what you’re telling me but because because.

We’re in England which is in London because oh my god oh what a but now I also.

Got bad on camera because you’re retarded you just told me we’re in a part of London.


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