Hey everybody and welcome to another episode I do everyday automation where we talk about home automation projects to make your home smarter and your life easier today I want to show you guys as promised how to set up email and text message notifications and a blue iris and VR software we’re also going to show you how to set.

Up motion tracking as it relates to them red rectangles that track objects across the screen and also I’m going to show you how to eliminate.

Certain zones or areas of the camera so that you don’t get false recordings like you a cars passing our dogs walking up the street if.

That camera isn’t intended for that purpose so with that being said let’s go ahead and jump in alright guys so today we’re gonna work on a couple of things including alerts different camera profiles and notifications when you’re away from the home when you’re at home or just for any different type of the day that you want to set schedules or different alerts per camera or for the entire system.

Dig in real quick the first thing we’re gonna want to do is set up the SMTP server which is basically just setting up the emails so that they can go out to different notifications whether it be an email account or.

Via text message so you’re gonna want to go first of all into your email account of choice and actually for my home cameras it says Google is free and it seems to work with just about all of the systems I actually set up.

A separate gmail account just for the cameras to send notifications and alerts from and obviously I’m not going to show you how to guys how to do that hopefully you guys have already covered that.

We’re just gonna go ahead and go into the Google account and you’re gonna click on sign-in and security from here you just want to make sure that you have allow less secure app turned on but that’s why you create a separate account.

That has nothing to do directly with any of your important information for example like I said this account is just for my cameras so with that turned on you can now go in to blue hours and actually set it up to where we can authenticate through Google on your behalf so I’m gonna go back into the blue out of software and you’re gonna click on email.

Servers you gotta click on add and just give it a description and since we’re using a gmail account as you can see instead of for AOL Windows Live Yahoo and Soho or you can do user-defined if you want to set up a separate account for a small business or something of that nature but this is.

Gmail we’re going to go ahead and go with that it automatically puts in the SMTP server for Gmail and then from here you’re gonna put in your name or your default domain name for the email.

Account you’re using and you can see secure connections already checked and I think Cayce already checked so we’re going to go ahead and put in the login name this actually is.
Secure it’s just that with Google.

Of the times it actually to authenticate if you’re logging it from a new device and since there’s no secondary menu for you to authenticate as you would if you were just logging into the regular Gmail app on a browser there’s no way for it to prompt you with the additional steps that you need to take to give this device access it’s actually for the secondary login from an unknown device and they you just going to give it the computer a name and this can be whatever your.

You want to use just identify it you can do that at this time and you just go you can either test it are you yelling setting to work or you can just hit OK just go to the next step all right as far as the email server party is you’re done with that there’s a couple of little options here I want to show you guys are quick to further tweak these settings you.

Can go into mobile devices and you see here I have a couple of devices that are authorized on the account for different reasons I have the Amazon echo happy in the video shield of my wife’s Galaxy Note and my Galaxy S II.

Actually sit these devices more specifically let’s say you have a kid and you want to make sure when they get off the bus and afternoon that the.

Camera starts recording to make sure they make it home so you can actually set let’s say your front porch camera to activate any time this person enters a geofence.

So it’ll start you you know you can have presets.

For that and this is one way to trigger that is to say okay whenever this person enters a geofence.

I want to set a protocol traffic signal for a camera when they enter the geofence i want the you know delivering own camera to turn on or something to that.

Effect or more importantly from my home i don’t want the living-room cameras on or the personal room cameras on unless there’s no.

Parties in the house so i have mine set to where when my wife and I leave when both phones are gone then the living-room camera and our daughter’s bedroom camera and the garage camera will turn on so I can set those traffic signals to green and I can also tell it to set a schedule you know whatever schedule and we’ll cover that real briefly here the next portion whatever schedule you guys want to say or you can also tie to a profile which would.

Be very similar set in schedule because you can inside the profiles you can set different schedules for example the workout schedule which means you know from these hours I want this to happen on this camera so the profile kind of ties you can do camera selection and schedule selection in the profile but we’ll cover that here inside.

You can also tell it to trigger a specific camera to turn off you can also tell if this thing’s you’ll push notification to let you know your kids home and you know you can view the camera to make sure they get in safely and nobody follows them so on and so forth you can also tell it.

To run and executable which is pretty cool if you know someone’s coming you know from out of town and their device is linked with your account I do this with my in-laws often so when they.

Get to the house they punch in their codes because they’ve already entered the geofence I can have it set to where once they enter no jazzy’s with a star plane it’ll turn on certain lights so they don’t have to worry about portions of the home automation so those are all.


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