The fact that I say I’m going to upload and I don’t actually worries me so is any video oh right leave come on as does a shit go to Tesco’s is cheaper for the fine cuisine today we’ve got corned beef and uses builder I’m fine till till around hey kar doodle dog oh shit oh shit so the Lord.

Your God I’ve currently Nick Jets lens and I’m not going to lie to you is probably the nicest fucking.

Lens I’ve ever seen yeah I’d say try a bar spin but you haven’t quite mastered the whip say yeah they don’t we love them your ass it hurts in fact.

That the amount of times I’ve like caught it on my jacket awful deal Lily burn skewer okay my.

As well so to get at me boy I wanna train I’m not being funny you don’t license.

To fly one no no for this kind of stuff well for like anything cooperate you.

Do write anything lucky making money from it see I sweat all the time we didn’t realize yeah the whip the lumber genie I.

Got this clean bro yes should see my mom’s car hey what’s up much run those Lincoln skate I’ve been on a skateboard skateboard but you don’t push you just feel like.

Get forward I can try I’m not trying this I’m sorry I look like a melon they make looks so easy but it’s just rotten are you man I don’t agree with that man moe Jesus Christ I put my camera down for us lean forward a little bit when you go let’s please lean forward loving and ease into again if you lean back and.

Pull the thing back the trigger okay don’t even know this is in focus or whether you can hear me properly over but knowledge is that a.

Guy on the x-ray board I think he loves it I think he wants one x-ray if you watching this can you steer the solid in there send him on please but speedy on this a new car yeah that was amazing it’s in a bit of.

A funny ride that fucking boosted board thing it’s the scary thing of a boost it board is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s the fact that like that you use like a remote and it’s like you gradually go faster I’m scared of them but it’s like you need to grow up man usually crop who learn how to use the Internet yeah exactly I’m gonna fuck you for 10 grand I’m sorry.


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