Darphus seats FAA approval for military drones over American cities just a little over 10 years after drone surveillance inside US borders was declared a conspiracy theory it is now an indisputable fact of life so too are military-grade drones along the border which in reality constitutes a 100 mile wide swath that encircles the continental United States and 23 of.
Its population according to.

A new report from defense one this level of access is still seen as a restriction by the.
DARPA directed military apparatus as new forms of Altona mass.

Aircraft take to the skies such as the latest Black.

Hawk helicopter drones that could be ready by 2019 DARPA and aircraft.

Developers want permission to fly over large cities as needed utilizing a new artificial intelligence system that is literally called matrix developers see an opportunity for more flexibility in potential use of course surveillance isn’t mentioned.

Among those uses up to that similar to predator drone maker General Atomics they have their eyes on FAA certification to.

Fly large unmanned aircraft within the continental United States to help ferry people and supplies from the mainland to offshore oil rigs among other.

Potential jobs today large drones likes predators are forbidden to fly over the u. except in a handful of largely unpopulated areas along the us-mexico border thank you for watching please subscribe to us on youtube if you like donate.

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