Gang welcome sky pile here I’m doing the driving live today I’m doing an unboxing SG 900 s because up recently from live native language 20 bucks Australian GP GP in market drones is the GPS join so it’s actually good news as so looking over the box here you normally be here and so close you fix a point as.

I said GPS and position height so it holds despite follow you functions 2.

4 gig 6 axis gyro hi-def camera.

This is actually 1080p camera the said when you open up the package this is what you get it was a little bit light as they all do measure here so.

Yeah I’m just Foley out you do a distinctive click in place actually here in itself is about 10 centimeters long.

If you work in inches about six inches and my teammate on the diagonal was about 10 inches so pretty decent sized unit so it’s got your 1080p camera at.

The front here which is removable goes into that 45 degrees ooh and straight ahead my first there’s no Steve recording till I remove the battery because here sorry this isn’t rehearse okay so he that she goes in sticky side first clicks in place to remove it just pull these leave is down on each side.
Will then pull down and it pulls out so if you look underneath.

Here you’ll see your provision for your micro SD slot just down in here and that’s what is pretty cool standard charging my micro USB which goes into you and into your the poetry USB plug in charging power was ninth in energy so this lights up green and red so dispersions and ones it’s a consistent green she’s recharged takes about 20 minutes.

20 to 30 to fully charge the battery get in there like say okay what else we got in here with a couple of buttons here having Polonius LD let me back into the remote I’m assuming they just screwing with pushing I just sort of twisting there’s no real way to get one just a twisted push a little bit it’s pretty funky.
Roommate so what happens here is the interns.

Go up you just place these things that make it an antenna and that folds up and that folds up they probably.

Know that for caring but yeah they fold up and the antennas fold out which again I can’t see any wires in there so I’m suspecting they’re not.

Antennas guys anyone wants to let me know then you grab your phone thanks it’s in there and me okay that’s pretty cool okay so this is really cool but.

Was actually tells you about the buttons do so normal on top here before we go any further I’ll let you know that there’s another package in this box that contains a white USB charger big clumsy fingers okay enormous charges a little sticker shows you the so this comes up under here and you charge it up via the same method.

Is a drawing this takes about 20 minutes again to charge up not having the batteries in the move of batteries makes it really quite light that’s pretty cool showing two charges in the package so a unit button here the signal now when we pressed off so it’s your speed shift so imagine has three speeds were on there shortly landing video is taking camera.

Can flush and at the back here it has four buttons two three four which I have no idea what the hell built-in jiff so just finishing you get please spare prop loads and your standard cramming screws need some prop guards and to finish off we have manuals on which explains the app which is detailed fixed so this is the GPS one which is about like my late idea seven that accidentally land.

In the fire if you want to just look at the link up there that have the same GPS features as this one here.

So that’s pretty cool you get to the okay sorry bear with me so yes geomagnetism correction that’s left stick down to the northwest and right stick to Northeast and then you do you spinning or anything you say okay so you push the button and start up and red lights in the back.
Green lights on the front that’s.

Pretty cool you looking for like 1080p so we can take that which is the LW if P V app which looks really cool in.

The front here couple of tears okay your Start button.

Keeps your like and it tells you your location that you stick tells you your locations and turned off so you need.

To turn GPS on and you know.

Volatilize say that’s a 1080p camera della she looks pretty good actually this is the first time.

I fired this up so the quality of that is actually looking pretty cool so we happy to see how this runs and we get outside next is getting a bit dodgy.

Sort of candle in here okay so it’s looking straight across with the camera that will point on the 45 and keep that level looks 45 sorry too bad looking forward to the quality of the.

1080p camera okay so there you have it now in my next video I’ll do some flying and I’ll go through a couple of features and show you guys how the GPS works how.

Fast she goes how she goes and how fast she crashes awesome my job’s done here thanks heaps for watching guys and thumbs up my CEO to the drive and live coming soon your way otherwise them yeah thanks for dropping by and I’ll see you in school awesome now.


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