Okay guys before I did a flight I just want to show you turtle mode and Pete flight so the good thing about upgrading on beatify as you get more features musl winter or mode came in i’m 3.4 when I flashed up with that I’ve got turtle mode you also have to flash there PSC’s BL heli ones so 16.
Was flashed so I’m just going to show you how it works.

So if you do have a crash and at times over so.

This switch here is for turtle mode and this is my arm and switch so if it is armed you have to disarm put on turtle mode then when it stops bleeping it’s ready and you can control it by by that so whatever direction you put it in because those two.
Motors but it doesn’t work unless you’re you.

Know you’re armed so if you crush this arm arm in turtle mode and I’m gonna stops beeping normal arm on whatever direction you push the pitch and bolster here all you can do individual if you go to the corners one thing I heard someone mention is.

If it gets stuck in a tree it’s handy to have it on because then you can sort of tickle around you might by now the ET SES if you go too crazy just tickle around to cut outside you know at the tree so just disarm it.

That is total mode a handy feature to have on one like this because you’ve got that egg-shaped mount and you’ve got the protectors you can pivot on that it.

Doesn’t touch the place too much whereas on something like the 95 GF it’s easier to burn out the motors it’s in more contact with the.

Ground you still could use on I’ve got it on this one what used a yes even though this I’m not used it yet because handy to have.

In an instance where you’re real distance away you don’t want to do the walk of shame to get it so yeah the start mode and that’s one three point four and three point five yes I’ll be useful to show you that this pace can’t let immense the trick you know the link is really.


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