In this box is a GPS drone for under $100 let’s take a look and see if it’s worth your hard-earned cash this is the Vizio xs8 12 right it is a folding drone much like the DJI Matic but don’t confuse this 4matic it’s not magic that’s what they want you to think but it’s under 100 bucks so realistically.

It’s not going to compare but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good drill for under $100 you got compared to things like the Telo and maybe even the unique breeze let’s talk about the camera first it is an adjustable angle camera also it does tilt up and down it’ll connect to your phone via Wi-Fi so you can.

See the fpv feed while you’re flying and it does record via an SD card on board now I missed that the first time I flew this I read through the directions and of course these directions aren’t the best.

Rarely drones in this price range coming out of China have really in-depth directions and this is on par with that they’re not terrible not the worst I’ve seen but.
Doesn’t indicate anything about where that SD card.

Is so I assumed that we’re recording to our phone which is common with a handful of drones quick shout out to my man James branch who is the first.

To let us know that it does record on an SD card in here and the way that you do that is you actually have to remove this.

Camera module you pull it forward and the.

SD card goes in there it’s not the best design but it’s a whole lot better than recording to your phone.

This is supposed to be a 5 megapixel camera it isn’t right it’s actually closer to 2 it records everything in 1280 by 720 whether.

That’s pictures or video at 24 frames per second so know that it’s not SuperDuper high quality not.

Terrible it actually takes really good pictures when the drone isn’t moving but because I have to connect it this way there.

Are no isolation Mouse which means.

As the drone flies that vibrates a little bit you’re gonna pick up a little bit.

Of that fuzziness in your pictures and video so it’s not going quite as clear it’s really you wish it was this thing is super stable super level.

One of the better implementations of GPS we’ve seen especially for a drone under $100 I actually had Chris walk up to it and pull.

It away and you can see it’s gonna snap back into place where the GPS tells it it needs to be so for a brush motor GPS quad this is one of the best I’ve seen in heck it’s still under $100 all right so let’s come back to this thing in flight you want to see it fly around I told you it’s stable.

It is stable but it’s also a lot of fun to fly it’s easy to control it’s fairly responsive you know I was a little bit.

A brush motor drone but it still handles the wind light wind pretty darn good as you see it flying around here pretty stable easy to fly drone excellent for beginner in terms of the quality for the.

Camera as you see here it is okay flying around I get decent video I think I like.
The pictures a little bit better but it’s.

Okay for a hundred bucks not terrible I’m certainly not gonna ditch my Matic pro 2 for this but an excellent drone I’m gonna probably give this one.

To my son and let him fly it around it’s a great drone for someone like that now in terms of value for under a hundred bucks there are very few drones is nice as this one I actually got two batteries for this there.

Are a few different versions of two megapixel 5 megapixel you can get it with one battery you can get it with two or three I recommend you go with the 2 megapixel camera now normally I would say get the better camera.

Better camera and it’s not better right it’s specking out close to what a 2 megapixel camera is going to be anyway so go with that I’ve seen some other reviews of the 5 versus the 2 there are the same camera so either that’s a mistake on their part or some shadiness I don’t know either way go with the 2 megapixel camera.

I’d recommend you get one with 2 or 3 batteries because that’s gonna make flying a lot more fun it does have a pretty impressive flight time of up – 14 minutes so you’re getting extra batteries you’re gonna have some serious fun flying this thing the range.

Again is gonna be dependent on that Wi-Fi signal and how strong that is right I don’t recommend you fly this out of line of sight it will fly a little bit further they say about 200 meters 5g Wi-Fi which means.

You’re gonna need a phone that is capable of that but really that’s not realistic Wi-Fi signal is gonna cut out somewhere between 50 and 100 most likely let’s take a look at the remote there are a handful of buttons on here up on the top you’ll notice we have speed multiple speeds I highly recommend flying in the highest speed.

Mode especially if there is wind up here in the upper right you’ll see there’s an orbit button now I played around with that it does something I wouldn’t exactly call it in orbit it kind of kind of spun and then flew there are waypoints again not something I would recommend you try I think flying with waypoints on.

A drone like this is really playing with fire it’s recipe for disaster yes they do kind of work but not going to be a recommendation for me if you want to fly with late points you need a better drone with a better camera right that’s really kind.

Of the whole point there are buttons on here that are super important that I do recommend you take a look at and the biggest one right here is right here this return-to-home on the bottom that does work and that it.
Can be a lifesaver in case you.

Lose orientation of the drone I was flying in the morning lost sight of it to push that button it flew up and then.

Back which is super important that is absolutely worth it does have a follow me which works as well so that’s kind of nice so this drug does have some good features now what I recommend this over say Otello or a.

Breeze that’s hard to say I really like the Telo but this.

Does have some advantages over it for sure it’s larger it’s more stable and I’m flying with an actual remote now I do like the Telo camera a little bit better it has electronic image stabilization that said this one.

Bit cheaper depending on the version you get you can get it closer to $80 versus 100 depending on the packages again if you’re sticking with the 2 megapixel camera which is my recommendation you’re going to under hundred bucks now when it comes to the unique breeze I’m gonna go with that one it has a 4k camera image stabilization better GPS more flight modes that do all work but that one’s gonna cost you a little bit more 150 to 200 dollars so really the.

Choice is yours so for a hundred bucks this.

Is probably the best GPS drone in that price.

Point right excellent for beginners definitely.

Worth taking a look hey thanks for watching make sure you check us out on half chrome comm and we’re also writing.

For the drove DJ check us out there at drone DJ com2 places lots of drones have a good day.


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