Hello Maisie hello Tallulah hello ducks hurry up little duck you’ve got to follow your mom and dad what are you doing Maisie are you two playing follow the leader down the slide and again Tallulah once a turn at being the leader now amazing jump like Tallulah sit on the bench like Tallulah hop on one leg like Tallulah oh.

It’s Eddie do you want to play follow-the-leader.

– Eddie Tallulah’s being the leader hop on one leg two legs for you.

Eddie somersault like Tallulah oh I think that might be too difficult for Eddie alright hey that’s great ahaha I think Eddie wants to be the leader now sit down on the ground wave your legs in the air trumpet like Eddie yeah it’s not so easy to trumpet like an elephant where’s Maisy going ha ha ha that’s a.

Good idea you can good bye hello Maisie hello Sara I hope you’ve got your Sun cream on oh look at that beautiful water yes that looks like a nice spot Oh where’s your towel Cyril underneath what.

Is it Maisie it’s crab hello crab what have you got there Sarah oh great it’s a beach ball fun I think crab wants to play oops quickly zero the balls landed in the water what’s.

The matter Sarah don’t you want to go in the water it’s okay Cyril waters not deep it’s fun to go in the water nearly nearly good job Sarah whoops there you go Cyril isn’t the water wonderful oh it’s ice cream Jorge one for amazing and one for Cyril thank you very much come on Cyril ice cream time.

Cyril’s having too much fun in the water now goodbye zero good bye Maisie good bye crab enjoy your ice cream hello Maisie is that a present you’ve got there Oh was it for oh there’s Eddie and Tallulah outside Charlie’s house and they’ve got presents – it.
Must be Charlie’s birthday today hello.

Charlie happy birthday Charlie I wonder what Cyril is giving you Charlie oh it’s a flashlight Thank You Cyril the lowest present.

Now oh great a sweater thank you – Loula and a boat what a nice present Eddie and you’ve still got Daisy’s present to open Charlie maybe you.

Should take the umbrella outside I think Charlie really likes his umbrella amazing rain are there any raindrops charlie Oh it all looks very sunny up there nevermind charlie oh look there is a little cloud in the sky maybe it will rain after all house you gotta stand there till it rains charlie I think Maisy has an idea Wow.

It looks like rain hooray look everybody look at Charlie with his new umbrella in the rain wait.

A minute but that’s not really rain so your birthday charlie hello Maisie what are you looking for amazing your roller skates are you going to go skating today right foot left foot what else do you need Maisie that’s right your helmet very important are you ready to go now Oh careful Maisie off you go amazing that’s right hold your arms out for balance bird hello guard goodbye bird oh you’re doing swell.
Amazing hello Tallulah look amazing on a roller skates in Tallulah have.

A turn Maisie don’t forget the.

Helmet Tallulah that’s good oh that’s great Tallulah hooray well that’s a way to go to Loula you didn’t fall down I think it’s your turn again Maisie goodbye hello Maisie what a beautiful day hello bird watch that oh it’s a feather it came from bird it’s very pretty Maisie.


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