Hello so this is my program that are created it includes three different files including one short cut which is for since this one this one and it will be this one so basically what it does is and as soon as the computers started it will run the program it is done by having a copy of this put in.

Yeah as you can see that there is this one yeah so what it contains let’s start with this one is short it’s to.

Off the computer this one here as a normal to notepad document and I.

Should delete that and save it okay so yes just a normal one now this is where the.

Interesting part comes in this is a whole program that I’ve created so basically what it does is it opens up a input box asking you for the password as you can see there’s a password day if the password is right if you put in the correct post it will go to this section here which will open.

This file yeah and input this little bit here access granted like with the time and everything because.

It’s a log file it gives a time it.

Will put in that little message.

Over there and accept this by saving it and continuing and then it’ll tell you that it is that you have access.

To the computer if you just leave the input box open by not putting anything in it will go to this one here and it will open this intruder and it will say that.

Not put anything in access denied you use it gave no input it will type in you and save same thing that is it was doing over here let’s say you just don’t.

Put anything like okay so if you don’t put anything in it will tell you that you haven’t put anything in also if you just accept the the input box if you just exit it completely it will go to this one here and it will say sorry I made a.

Mistake it will actually go.

To this one it says that I still haven’t put anything in but if you get the boss was wrong and it will or yeah then it will go to this one here now from here what the program done does is it opens another all of them that’s wrong so.

The two is either if you have the possible role or haven’t put anything in or just exited either way it’s going to take it to this sub yeah which creates another.

Message box or not another message box just a message box that continues opening and closing 14 seconds so it will be ten message boxes and within that time you have the option to either try it again you might try it again and if you do pick yes in the message box to try.

It again it’ll take you back to the beginning of the script which is here to try again obviously anyways if you pick no it means that you don’t you don’t want to try again and obviously it’s been wrong or you didn’t put.

Anything in it will shut down the computer and also if the time runs out if the ten message boxes run out and you’ve missed your opportunity it means that you’ve also will tell you that you haven’t done anything about it and it will shut down the computer.

And that is where this program here comes in by shutting down.

So it is full effective from now it is in my startup I’m going to show you how it looks like obviously I’m not going to allow to.

Shut down my computer but what I will do is I’ll have this open let’s have it like that and then please enter your access key so there we go it just that’s exactly right baby that it’s done so obviously the password is 2 6 4 8 opens the log gives the time and date says access granted and then that’s it it’s the end of it so let’s least enter your access key I put in smiley access denied user access denied user input smiley you have 10.

Seconds left on this PC 10 select yes to try the password again nod guys to this part yeah 9.

Select yes to try the password again it keeps coming up and coming up aint select yes to try the password again so obviously I’ll have you may try again sir yes I have to say yes if I say no or exit that or leave that time the message it will.

Just shut down the computer so let’s say just putting it nothing easy gave no input access denied user gave no input you have ten seconds left on this PC ten select yes to try the password again you may try again okay and so knob put in the correct answer I’ve put in the wrong one stuff put nothing in let’s just exited it’s gonna do the same thing use it gave nine but access denied user gave no input you have ten seconds left on this PC ten.

Select yes to try the password again you may.

Try again okay so no matter what I do it’s going to continue opening this book it’s gonna continue going here.

It’s gonna shut down the computer the only only only way.

To get past this is to put in the correct answer now let’s say.

Okay so we put it in access granted okay now with this.

Let’s say this boss word is something let’s say you change it now to a let’s change it to smiley capital is mio EUI now if I have the input if it opens up the MS the input box and I put small s and smiley all small it will it will not work it will have it.

Will have to be capital S and then small small small small as it follows but that is basically the program that I want to show right now I actually need help basically what I want.

To do is create a a VVS file that creates other VBA’s files so I’m gonna close that one and mice I’ve got a file here that creates other files this log yeah for instance I’m.

Gonna click on it double click it opens notepad boots in log routes in and saves it as my diary so every time I.

Go in it’s a log I okay so yeah now that’s what I’ve done is I’ve created a file that creates other files now that’s what I wanted to do this is how it looks it opens notepad wait a second or two seconds puts in dot log saves it and everything save is that as my diary and it.

Just continues so I want something like that that creates these three files that we are they this one yeah you know sir I want one file like this one to create.

This this file as well as where it is it sorry No this one or as well as well as Agora where it is but it shuts down.

The computer yes yeah so yes that is what I’m looking for at the moment as I forgotten.


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