Us pressing India to choose between Predator drones or s400 air defense system why is the US administration threatening to block sales of Predator drones to India how is the Russian s400 air defense system linked to American Predator drone will India’s acquisition of the state-of-the-art Russian s400 missile defense system come at the cost of getting access to American cutting-edge.

And lethal Predator drones William Thornberry the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said the acquisition of this technology Predator drones will limit the degree with which the US will feel comfortable in bringing.

Additional technology into the country Thornberry added that the acquisition of the s400 Russian missile defense system would imperil their ability to work interoperable in the future India Russia relations India’s decision to go ahead with Russia for s400 missile defense system could come in the way of India acquiring much hype and sought-after Predator drones which according to the Indian media could be used to target terrorist camps near the indo-pakistan border India manages a friendly relationship with both the United States and Russia but it is Russia which has.

Supplied the majority of India’s weapons over several decades India is one of the largest importers of weapons in the world and acquires military.

Hardware from a host of nations including Russia US France and Israel Russia by far.

Is the largest exporter of weapons to India and has been providing the latest state-of-art equipments to India including fighter jets aircraft carriers submarines etc Predator drones VSS 400 air defense systems earlier in an attempt to considerably improve India’s offensive capabilities the Trump administration had agreed to supply long endurance high-altitude surveillance armed UAVs the Predator drones to India capable of tracking and neutralizing targets across.

Different terrains manufactured by General Atomics Predator drones have both land and naval variants and can be loaded with air tool and missiles anti-ship missiles and laser-guided bombs for hunting down targets Thornberry stated that the US was disappointed with India’s plan to acquire.

S400 air defense systems from Russia if India goes ahead to procure Russian s400 air defense systems this.

defence relations and the first casualty would be advanced Predator.

Drones Norn berry warned you.



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