Oh my goodness out B that is insane guys I’m speechless I am literally speechless okay guys welcome back to another video with me a zero block now guys this video I’ve not done one of these in a while I guys a sit-down video now I know a lot of you guys go crazy about these sit-down videos some of.

You just think that amazing you know I am paying zero blog make more sit-down videos because you know I just kinda like sitting down having me tea or having me dinner.
Or whatever and just watching you video today is a unboxing of.

This now is come from a company called gift gap massive massive she’ll talk to gift got yeah let’s get the camera down and have a look at this this this I’m gonna say this for now that’s just love so in this okay guys so let’s check in this old donut.

Here right then bit of documentation there don’t know what that is I think that might be you know the contracts and stuff like that because I’m just done with contracts well yes guys so basically what this is this is the hue way is it hue a piece marked and.

Smartphone and yeah I mean first impressions guys it doesn’t look too bad to be fair so guys it comes similar to an iPhone box you know the really tight fit and everything.

Else which yeah you’re probably not interested in but yeah so there’s the phone on the top already I’m gonna compare it with me iPhone and yeah it is bigger it’s bigger than an iPhone 6 which yeah I mean it did want a bit of a bigger.

Bigger form we’re just gonna leave that to one side for a second what you get in the box and you the obviously lots to SIM card.

Some headphones which I’ll probably never use I mean I’m.

Not expecting the misty from the headphones and I’m not really expecting them to be any good to be honest but yeah so this is the phone guys and looks pretty good it looks do you know what I was gonna get a Google pick solo come across this and I thought you know wow this looks insane it’s got your cameras on the back.

And I think one is obviously for shallow gives you that shallow depth of field and we’ll do a little test on the air the.

Camera off it and and you’ve got your fingerprints ID there and put yeah you know wow that looks awesome guys that really does look good it looks well-made it’s got a bit of weight to.

It it’s got a front-facing camera and the little whoo hue-hue a on the bottom there and let’s pull it up how by Android it.

Starts off pretty awesome I mean all this these front covers guys I don’t know if you’ve watched my.

Last video of all I won’t be putting any screen protectors on it yeah I’ll play around with it guys so let’s.

Come back in a momento okay then guys so we have come out and out and about with the hue a hue a is it hue a the hue way P smart and guys this up to now is insane some of the features on.
Do make me think what I mean why would you want.

To go and get an iPhone when you can get everything you want here for 170 pounds seems like.

A no-brainer to me okay then guys so looking into the hue a piece marked the.

Response on this phone is just in saying it is crazy good eyes it is so quick if that unbelievably powerful processor that this phone comes with really iPhone X you ain’t getting away this is gonna be right behind you I saw why would a phone be a hundred and seventy pounds and when an iPhone is a thousand pounds for virtually the same spec now yeah.

Okay this doesn’t shoot 4k but guys this resolution and the frame rate is just insane and yeah you can opt.

This to 4k if you know other things were found with this phone guys since receiving a few hours ago the operating system isn’t that hard to use you know I mean if you go through the apps on on it and you know see some other features that are actually on the phone you think to yourself know what.

Was it what was a little worried about you don’t switch him from iOS to Android I mean hopefully in the poll another great featured on this guy’s is the super wide screen I.

It goes literally from angle to angle it is great for watching YouTube Netflix Amazon Prime if you want to watch that another worry that I had no longer but I had was the functionality of apps in the past guys have out there you know the Kindle.

HD fire seven and stuff like that and say basically failed on me they haven’t really performed as well as they would on iOS that has gone with Android 8.0 everything when I sat on my iPhone I have put on here and you know one it worked better it works quicker I know you can’t or guys as we stand within the last hour I have upgraded the memory on this bad boy from 32 gigabyte standard yeah this comes 32 gigabyte standard you know that’s just incredible and I have.

Just upgraded it to 128 gigabytes of memory so I can store countless films thousands and thousands of our albums with a 128 gigabyte microSD card which yet you can install in these great phones can you do it on an iPhone no and know that thumbs up chili yes.

I happen it’s a con yet it’s just crazy good.

It is just our it I love it it’s brilliant it’s a great phone guys and yes it is gonna be my daily shooter yeah could I have got an iPhone next.
Yeah could I have got a Google pixel – yeah did I want them no I wanted to.

Get something just standard do you.

Know what guys for the hundred and seventy pound you cannot go any better than this this is ink systems good unlike the iPhone you can actually choose what day of the week your alarm goes off you will never obviously as long as you’ve got this phone on.

It will always store your alarm at the time you want it every single week guaranteed Hewitt nope sorry Google Huy with the two lens camera set up on the back of the handset now guys if you are not familiar with cameras or anything outside that.

A clue what all that is about.

But yet I’m going to explain it to you so basically guys how a have done they have got two and thirteen point five megapixel lenses and place them on the back where an iPhone will have one which basically overheats the iPhone uses.

Tons about feet and yeah it’s not healthy what huy have done they have done something next level they afoot to on now guys what the two is for is one for the focused in shots.

And the other is for the focused out shot one of these lenses will shoot out of focus for the whole time and the other will shoot in focus get in the subject clearly and focus while this gives you a lovely blurred out background called shallow depth-of-field crazy idea when I first seen that I knew exactly what it was and I thought are they really kind of see that much money but.

Guys that is in saying that is a great idea and to be Ferb I think other smartphones will jump on it I think.

They will definitely jump on and guys I have been absolutely hammering this phone for the last hour you know I’m really up.

In Harmelin it and you know what watch YouTube I’ve been watching I’ve been downloading like five ten apps at a time and.

I still have 84% battery and guys have watched about three YouTube videos of watch diffuser or blog videos you know and obviously and yeah guys so up to now yeah up to now guys I have downloaded 47.

Apps on this and actually currently they are all running at the same time I’ve opened every one they are all running on this bad boy and it is not like in at.

All it is running beautifully.

And I’m in love love love I love love bye okay.


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