Toys I’m gonna go with nap Fe in sprinkles the bear almost there just around the corner here welcome to Ralph breaks the internet McDonald’s can I take your order please hi yes may I have a kid’s milk please with the entire set of wreck-it Ralph toys huh he was the wreck-it ralph toys those aren’t out yet well maybe.

I can do something to help that a little bit of magic wouldn’t hurt yeah make some toys for him okay that should do it just a little bit of lantern time hey Ariel Belle.

Where are you guys we’re waiting on fries and a kid’s meal over here got it I’m on the.

Up here you go one batch of french fries sorry Rapunzel I’m just reading the manual real fast I think to cook the perfect chicken nuggets we have to cook them for three more seconds Belle it’s fine they’re ready I need them for the kids meal oh yeah oh of.

Course here you go coming right up Jeannie Jeannie on the wall make me a soda for all and all woohoo this fast-food business is easy did it do did it to do one happy male Rapunzel who’s it for oh well they’re about to pull up the window number two and pay hold.

On just a minute here they come to complete your order it will be $1 I’m Rapunzel I’m the store manager I just wanted to give you a quick warning.

Before you open up your happy meal Jasmine maybes for you okay they’re magic wreckit-ralph toys they’re special.
Just for you ooh magic we love magic we can’t.

Wait to see what they are whoa Ralph breaks the internet got a giant Happy Meal and it’s full of toys and surprises he also got some yummy yummy french fries oh and six yummy chicken nuggets mmm he’ll like these bring on the fries okay I’ll put some in the front seat for you guys to nibble on there you go near near near Man 1 ruin how about one of those chicken nuggets for.

Me oh okay here you go Ralph you don’t have to ask me twice mmm mmm mmm delicious time to see what’s inside of our happy meal remember Jasmine.

Made this special for them jasmine even made Ralph breaks the internet characters we have knows more in ooh is this one hmm I’ve never seen the guy in blue do you know his name is he a good guy.

Or a bad guy these first two characters at Jasmine made for the Happy Meal.

Toys are really cute but there’s a lot more inside let’s see what this bag has oh wow we got a little vanellope and fun bud fun bun loves to eat tons and tons of pancakes fun bun keep eating keep eating slow down too many pancakes are making you a totally.
Oversized bunny so far princess Jasmine’s been doing a great job Oh.

Super cool it’s yes and her really awesome glasses and giant fur coat whoa yes yes yes it is it’s me and Ralph breaks the Internet can.

You believe that every time he shows up something goes wrong come on let’s go on a mission to find more of these surprises I bet there’s.

Lots more in this way quick whoa check it out there’s something giant in there let’s pull it out together you what is it you it’s a giant worm now.

This is one gross looking character gross he’s beautiful we use worms under the ocean to catch fish come here you little wormy.

I’m going to bring you with me come here big bowl hopper dig dig dig whoa this one is so big it’s a giant Ralph whoa and he’s almost as big as our real Ralph you are so big.

And strong just like me whoa watch out something’s come in from the sky Hey look one Oh it’s Shane and I wish their names are on the bottom but it’s this green dude I’ve never seen before here they are with the help of our princesses we made some magical McDonald’s toys from the movie wreck-it Ralph the real ones will be coming out in a few weeks hmm do you remember is this guy good or.

Is he a bad guy this was Matt and I’ll see you in the next video thank you for watching if you want to see more videos from us just click one.

Of the boxes on the screen right now don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking sprinkles the bear also let’s continue to find all over the Internet follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter bye besties.


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