In this episode of 10 best ones we are going to check out the top 5 best mini drones in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these mini drones you.
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The comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 we have the holy stone HS 170 the.

Holy stone HS 170 as an entry-level mini drone that would be a really good option for everyone who is new to a drone flying due to the fact that this unit is extremely easy to operate so you can use it for enhancing your skills before you start flying high-end drones from a design perspective the HS 170 sports a fairly compact and lightweight.

Body that consists of ultra responsive propellers and LED lights on the front and back which make this unit.

Ideal for both day and night flying for your information once you open the box you will find a USB charger single propeller crowbar 4 blades a.4 jira mote controller which doesn’t have batteries included so you would have to additionally purchase for them and a.

Screwdriver so from the beginning you would have everything needed to start flying the drone now let’s talk about the features the HS 170 uses a 6 axis.

Gyro stabilization system which is highly effective in making this unit strong and capable enough to get back on its track after sudden moves and stunts and when we add the fact that it is wind resistant it means that beginners will never have any problems in terms.

Of operation moreover this unit has three speed modes of which you can take an advantage such as the low speed the medium speed and the fast speed.

Mode however keep in mind that the fast speed mode should be.

Used after you learn how to fly the drone with the previous two modes because it requires better reflexes I would also like to inform you.

That the control range is rated between 30 to 50 meters and when we pair this with the low interference 2.

Gigahertz technology it means that the drone will be unlikely to crash when it comes to the battery the manufacturer states that the flying time should be from 6.

To 8 minutes and forty-five to sixty minutes would be the charging time so as you.

Can see for the price you pay this is more than enough over all the holy stone HS 170 is worthy of considering because it is inexpensive easy to use and simply ideal for beginners who like to get skilled in.
Flying drones moving on at number four we have the DB.

Power X 400 w the DB power X.

400 W is yet another inexpensive mini drone but in comparison with the previous model this model comes with a camera and a support.

For 3d VR headset which means that even intermediate users can use it since it performs really well and you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars from a design perspective the X 400 W features a sleek mainly white finished body.

With two double slanted headless fronts where one of them has an LED light which adds even more beauty to its already beautiful appearance on one side while on the other the LED lights are always welcome especially when flying during the night on the top of the unit there are four propeller blades and prop guards that are specifically engineered to provide a greater level of protection so you can use.

Fly this drone without worrying about anything in addition this unit comes with an included transmitter but you.

Will also have an option to control this drone via your smartphone so you will never feel restricted in terms of operation but now let’s talk about the performance according to users the X 400 w is exceptionally stable and the reason behind this is the six axis gyroscope that allows you to hover in a stable horizontal position moreover this unit has a headless mode a return home function and 3d option so let’s describe each of them the.

Headless mode controls the direction of the drone and it is suitable for beginners and kids while the one key returned home mode as the name States will ensure that this mini.
Drone will find its way back to the transmitter so.

You will never lose it out of your sight finally the 3d flip is maybe the most interesting due to the fact that the drone will start doing attractive 360-degree.

Flips which is great last but not the least the.

Battery life can last from eight to ten minutes while.

The average charge time is approximately 100 minutes but you can always use spare batteries that may stretch the flight time to up to 21 five minutes.

To conclude the X 400 W deserves your attention so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality next up at number three we have the holy stone HS 110 d the holy stone HS 110 d is among the most purchased mini drones on the market and since its initial.

Release users have shared numerous positive comments regarding its construction and performance which definitely has to mean something from a design perspective the HS 110 d sports a glossy all-black construction that is accompanied by quality and durable propellers a 720p HD camera positioned on the bottom as well as.

Two hinges that will ensure a safe landing also at the bottom you can find an LED screen with indicator lights that will keep you informed regarding the drone status whether it is connected or not in terms of operation you can control this unit via the included transmitter or the smart app where both of them are.

Intuitive so you won’t have any difficulties operating this drone now let’s.

Talk about the features the Holystone HS 110 DS 720p camera has a 120 degree field of view and thanks to its modular design you can take high-resolution pictures and videos while hovering the HS 110.

D in the sky for your information this device is compatible with 3d VR headset.

As well so if you have one you can use it in order to enhance your user experience even more I would also like to inform you that the HS 110 D has an emergency stop function of which you can take an advantage if you see that this mini drone is out of sight so the chances that you will ever lose it are set to a minimum if not to zero there are other functions as well such as the headless mode the 3d.

Flips the altitude hold which makes this unit hover when you’re not using the controller and the gravity.


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