Aggressively sexual women or horny ass guys but ladies welcome back to dating buffoonery in this episode I have my friend here Alex with me say hello to the ladies hello ladies okay you don’t have to be a pervert about it so this episode we’re going to be talking about overly sexual women or aggressively sexual women on the first.

Date is it a turn-off or a turn-on honestly I find it a turn-on cuz we’re horny ass guys but also sometimes I see us being more than just someone hooking up it’s kind of a turn-off.

Like is this girl real-life slut and she does this to every guy oh ok so so it is a turn-on and and maybe it makes you a little bit cautious it’s something that you like it it’s fun but you don’t want to bring them home to mom maybe exactly okay okay so you don’t want to bring home to mom so I mean do you see something actual like you feel.

A real relationship coming out of somebody who’s really overtly sexual me and it’s possible but just it would throw up not a red flag maybe like yellow flag I’d be on guard and I have to fill out the situation a little better I’d be.

More hesitant but okay okay so you would you would feel her out a little bit more before you consider bringing her home to the family correct that’s okay it’s how I feel about this so so that it is a turn-on.

If if maybe you’re looking to get some that means it’s easy it’s right there it’s accessible that’s exactly I’m looking for so why not shoot my.

Shot okay it’s pretty it’s a pretty unanimous decision here ladies guys loved overtly sexual.

Women I mean how many times did we hit you up in your DMS and we’re like today plant we hit you up for.

A double standard for us to say women can’t be sexual would you agree that’s kind of like a sexist 100% yes okay they have just as much right to.
Be nasty yeah ten percent and just like if we.

Approach them with sex if they approach us with sex we will kind of be on guard just like if.

If they they would be on guard if we approach them with sex but guys would be less on guard ladies are more on guard with you poach them with sex and then when we do it goes when somebody approaches you with sexual behaviors and sexual desires and then what happened what would you do if they were like.

Treat me like a lady like you keep talking about sex but they were the one bringing up sex how would you address that now he’s thinking on his feet I’m stuck I’m not gonna try too hard for a girl in general unless I’m looking at date a girl then I’ll be trying but if it’s just a hookup.
I’m not gonna give 110% effort okay so ladies I.

Think what you guys can take away from this is that we like it it’s a turn-on it’s definitely going to kind of like distort how we perceive you coming on to.

Us just like if we were to approach you guys you may be a little bit confused about our long-term intentions that’s about right okay so Alex do you have any sort of words of wisdom 20 women out there that may have a question whether it’s a good idea to approach a guy and be overtly sexual or not I would say make sure you know the guy’s intentions before you start talking see if he wants.


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