That’s one two three here we’re gonna test out and see if this mini-drone the parrot mini-drone is able to fly in the rain Soho it’s actually raining here in the East Coast so if you check a previous video you see the whole description of this parrot drone how much it cost where you could get it and so forth.

But for now I just want to test it and see how it works outside while it’s raining so right now it’s raining we’re gonna go to the backyard we’re gonna test it out and see how it works all.

Right so let’s give it a shot guys okay guys so we’re here at deposit to take to the backyard but as you can see it’s.

All wet and it’s raining right now as we speak so right now the mini drone is I’m using the Android phone it doesn’t come with the remote so I am going.

To use the phone and maneuver it maneuver it outside and see if this styrofoam skeleton could withstand the rain all right so let’s check it out.

Guys got a bear with me here I have to use both you know one hand for the rhythm for the plane and the other hand to move.

The camera around so what I’m gonna do is let me move the camera around a little bit we’re going all the way let me just move.

It a little more all the way to the pullback here one of you guys can see it the empty above-ground pool that we have that we have to take out so we’re gonna go all.

The way over there now it’s raining right now we’re gonna see if this styrofoam skeleton could withstand the rain especially.

The propellers and see how could they go so we’re gonna let it go all the way over.

There and then let it come back all right all right let’s do this guy’s let me zoom back out and again you gotta bear with me here cuz um I only have two hands here so I’m not sure try to do my best and show you what’s going on.
All right so let’s take off on the pirate.

Rolled there it is as you can see so we’re gonna go up a little bit Oh wrong button again I’m not gonna do any.

Real maneuvers I just want to see it test it out and see if it does work all right oh don’t let the one I hit that rope there there we go so I’m gonna let it fly oops all right there you go I don’t know if you could see you guys let me get out there we go so here we go now it’s raining guys so I’m letting the chopper go all.
The way over there hopefully.

You guys could see it so I’m gonna put the.

Remote down for a minute I’ll zoom in now it’s raining so the para drone is right now in hovering mode there it is in the ring all right it’s I’m surprised.

It’s doing pretty good and again it’s raining guys so it’s not like you know it’s it’s a little bit pouring it’s too bad you can’t see it but it’s actually pouring pretty decently so I’m gonna try to bring it back I’ll go around a little bit I’ll go a little.

Bit further I’m surprised it’s actually doing really good you probably see my dog there look at it all right and it keeps going further it’s.
Holding so let’s bring it back and again.

Guys I’m going slow because I’m maneuvering it with one hand and then holding the camera with the other one alright.

Guys there it is it’s holding I’m gonna.

Do a landing on it as you can see there’s a landing button there so we’re gonna press it so I could land there you go guys so it passed the test it actually that passed the test as you could see.

The drone flew in rainy rainy day I’m surprised I thought that styrofoam was or the propellers were gonna be strong enough to you know go through the turbulence of the water but it actually did it again guys yeah I.

Think it’s a success so again I putting in the link of the item if you guys are interested check out my previous video about this item so.

You could see the actual description what it.

Comes with how much does it cost and so forth but again if you like it you know it’s a cheap mini drone it’s easy to use and if you never use some mini drum it’s a good way to start without weight.

You know you know forking always so much money you know.

You get it’s like a little starter kit after that you can move into the more expensive ones and so forth alright guys let me know what you guys think comment like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video see you later guys alright guys just so before I end this video I just.

Wanted to let you see what that it was actually raining when assuming with the right here so as you can see it’s.

Actually raining so the mini-drone did withstand a decent amount of rain on its propellers okay all right guys.

Comment like and subscribe see you guys later.


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