Hi i’m rebecca guenther with m5a1 photography.
com and i’m gonna tell you how to use a digital SLR SLR stands for single lens reflex and in reality a digital SLR technically isn’t an SLR it’s still called that because it has the same versatility as the film SLRs did if you know how to use a film SLR it’s pretty much.
A whole lot more buttons and there’s a menu to.

Go through can seem a little bit daunting it’s really not that difficult so instead of loading your film in the back which used to open.

For per film you would open up wherever your card goes and you’ll slide in your memory card like that click make sure it’s in there shut it again okay now you’re.

Good to go turn it on on now your camera is on and ready to go all of these choices here are again pretty much the same thing.

You had on your film camera you’ve got the auto setting which is generally just a rectangle all of the basic settings based on is it a portrait is it a landscape as it close up is it.

Action this will choose how all of your settings are I try to avoid that but if you want to experiment with it see what they look.

Like maybe one of them works for you and then you go the other way and these are different settings it’ll some of the one of these will allow you to set your aperture and it will set your shutter speed another one will shut set your your your it will.

Control your aperture but you’ll control your shutter speed and then manual you control everything from there you can go into the menu and you can go through there like I said it feels like a lot of stuff.

It really isn’t you’re going to want to go through there until is your camera shooting Raw’s or do you want it to shoot JPEGs.

Back when you used to have film you’d have the ISO or the aasa’ and that’s you know your film speed so chances are usually shot with four hundred speed film if you are outside a whole lot you can still set that set it to a hundred if it’s really right set it to 200.

If it’s less bright you can set it all the way to 800 if it’s really dark outside the difference is instead of grain you’re gonna get more pixelation it doesn’t look as nice as grain I think but maybe it works for what.

You’re doing maybe you just want to get the picture and you don’t really care if it’s pixel II that’s fine too so once you’ve set all of your settings then you can start taking pictures and you know you.

Can change the focus if you want from autofocus to manual focus depending on what you’re shooting how you’re shooting.

It and go ahead and shoot until your cards full turn the camera off take your card.

Out put in a new one and keep going and that’s how to use a digital SLR camera.


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