Hello my name is avi and as the guide says apparently my name’s Althea Helvetica which it’s not it is my Twitter handle though but don’t believe everything you see on the internet please because I’m just trying to have some fun so essentially I’m just gonna jump right into it and start this top so I like to watch a.

Lot of conference videos read documentation and whatnot and one day i was listening to jeff script engineer by the name of oh my god I know it’s Twitter handle I always forget his actual name get if I get a get if I Kyle Simpson there we go and he was.

Asked about what he thought some of the issues were on the web or just code generally because again he has a JavaScript engineer he said basically the.

Web’s primarily built being built by a group of people that take for granted things like unlimited and free bandwidth and I’m like absolutely true because that does happen but the biggest thing is like of all the.
Things he could talk about this.

Is what he chose to answer and that was a little striking to me because that was essentially some of the challenges that we talked about on the performance side and I just wasn’t expecting to hear that so I was really glad to see that he said that specifically and he went on and said that we’ve become drunk.

All the features that we have available to us and I said ding that’s obviously true as well we have like frameworks plug-in retinas screens.

High powered devices we have it all in fact I like to say this the front-end development suffers from the embarrassment of riches curse of abundance paradox of Plenty I like.

To write can you tell and and this is absolutely true because we end up with things like this quite often you know we’re at home we’re developing and we have.

Great laptops amazing ultra wide monitors SSD huge caches but we’re creating experiences with these devices but also for these devices and we’re not actually taking considerations what happening outside of our little bubble in fact someone who’s speaking tomorrow Russell Alex Russell from Google once said this your laptop is lying.

To you and we’re going to talk about that soon and you’ll see why and lastly Kyle Simpson went on and.

Said this we need to rethink how we as crafters that’s us make it more as in the.

Web accessible to them the users see because he’s someone who travels a lot and he had realized that you know the web experience outside of you.

Know the comforts of like North America was very challenging and he wanted to convey that and I thought again that was amazing and in fact I’m gonna bring up another quote by gentleman that I respect tim cadelec another engineer who speaks on performance he mentioned that he thought it was cultural meaning that people are really taking performance it.

Wasn’t baked in culturally and that’s something that I hope once we leave today that you’ll take into consideration now I like.
To cook I like to compare performance.

To food quite often and does anyone know what this is this is the ackee fruit from the ackee tree delicacy in the West Indies specifically Jamaica Caribbean we eat this with like salt fish quite.

Often but here’s a funny part when this is not cooked properly it’s actually.


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