I’m everything heals I’m a professor in electric engineering and computer science I’m also the associate vice president for advanced research computing and yeah I’d like to welcome all of you to today’s workshop and before even before we get going I want to thank Sean for putting it all together of course oh yeah all of you for for being.

Here taught us a few words about advanced research computing and how the activities of arc as we call it kind of fit into the national.

National framework for research computing so you I’m not sure how many of you are fully familiar with arc I know that we have some some visitors some visitors from from other universities but by and large the overarching goal of arc is to create an ecosystem here on campus that allows reach researchers.

From many different units to collaborate in both computational and data science.

Another goal of Arc of course is to provide advanced research cyber infrastructure to the campus at large not only Andy at the Ann Arbor campus but also the Dearborn and Flint.
Campuses we do a number of things to support that goal we.

Provide consulting services consulting on data science high performance computing code optimization software stacks and so on those consulting services are being provided out of cs-cart just across the street here in this car.

Is one of the art units in addition to all of that we also provide.

Many we also organize many programmatic initiatives those are mainly organized out of the Michigan Institute for computational discovery and engineering or MI CDE that of course is the organization that by Krishna garikapati that is organizing that is the host 34 for today’s symposium other activities come out of the Michigan.

Institute data science or Midas right and then last but not least we also provide a fairly rich.

Suite of research infrastructure infrastructure capabilities out of technology services arc TS which is our one-stop-shop for research cyber infrastructure for the entire campus again these folks also help out the folks in Flint and Dearborn arcs mission and engross a very much aligned with the National Science Foundation’s thinking around computational and data science.

Infrastructure not long ago the NSF held a workshop it was entitled rethinking NSF’s computational.

Ecosystem for 21st century science and engineering and our art director Sharon Gaber say hi yeah she attended the workshop she was a very active participant.

The work from the workshop became available just a few weeks ago and I kind of encourage all of you to read it it’s it’s it’s interesting stuff.

During the workshop participants highlight its shifts in research cyber infrastructure the needs of people expectations of people participants pointed to an increasingly broad base of applications.

And resource needs there are.

Far more rich and far more more diverse than the type of resources that we historically have been making available namely big HPC systems big batch systems long story short.
The workshop or the conclusions from the workshop emphasized a.

Need for supporting a wide range of cyber infrastructure capabilities that go.


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