This is taking stock on Bloomberg I’m Pimm Fox now President Obama authorized more stringent sanctions on the Russian economy today in other words this is not a game but my next guest sees games has a great profit generator in Russia Ely on Nikolai f is the chief executive of the mobile gaming company tapenade her and he joins me.

Thanks very much for being here thank you but L us about how you started tapenade ER sure so I actually started in that bin game space back in 2007 in the days of.

The facebook platform launched one of the first facebook apps called family tree sold that business that in 2011 and after that looked at what’s next mobile game.

Was clearly a quickly growing area and started tapping air to focus on games on mobile devices all right now the tapenade ER focuses not only games on mobile devices but it focuses on the Russian market that’s a very lucrative market tell us about how big it.

Is and what’s it like sure so tap inators a company we launch games across all of the different countries and geographies primarily provide our game is via i was playing amazon but the russian market is a great performing market for us so we have a number of titles that do.
Very well in that market certain categories resonate especially well.

In terms of parking game simulation games games with military themes.

We have some games that have upwards of forty.

Percent of activity that are derived from the Russian market so it’s a great market for a number of our titles I’m just gonna give you a.

Couple of titles and I want your thoughts on it how do you describe them angry shark simulator what’s that game about sure it’s a so it’s a game where you basically control a shark and you swim.
Through the ocean and get to go on various adventures.

And do different things so it’s a game that does well in the Russian market has upwards of a million installs on that title and has done you know it’s done very well how does the Russian market and their cultural preferences for online gaming how are they different than let’s say the market.

In the United States sure so when when we look at certain categories for example.

Our simulation and parking games the military the military theme has resonated Walden Russia so we tend to launch games across a broad range of themes but it’s definitely the case that certain specific categories Duke swinging well military is one example or the char game example we have a game.

Called balancing the Shaolin which is the new game right it’s it’s it’s a fairly new game i launched about five to six months.

Ago it was featured by apple and there’s a sequel that’ll launch next month the first game do very well and that we built a new version of that of that product have you had any issues regarding the economic sanctions have you noticed any changes in the business coming out.

Of Russia we haven’t noticed any major changes as yet I know the situation is still developing we’re keeping a close eye on it haven’t.

Noticed anything anything as yet i’m sure that apple will look closely in terms of the the pricing of in-app.

Purchases and the way that they price different things from their side we’re.


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