Hello everybody and welcome to a brand-new Elder Scrolls online news video with me Sherman today guys four point two point five launched patch notes for mark Meyer has launched it is official now it is out it is on the servers and you can go play it so let’s talk about what we got we got two new world bosses.

Two delves for a new four player leaderboard arena black rose prism twelve new.

Item sets and new motives seventy five new craftable furnishings and fifty achievements and mini fun collectibles lots of stuff in this DLC a lot more than then even clockwork ad.

Even though clockwork had about the same it has a little bit more because a lot more of it is useful items Walker.

Had a lot of good stuff don’t get me wrong the ladies update is approximately 3.

Gigabytes and let’s enjoy and stay moist it’s a Argonian joke so we’re gonna go through these really fast starting with the top Merc Meyer has been added to the game and it is actually quite a decent zone I actually like this place it’s really nice the.

Plane if you haven’t been up hideous and tested this environment it’s really really interesting it’s not super.

Dangerous like they made it out it’s it’s got its challenge to it for new players that’s definitely gonna be challenging to a degree for veterans it’s gonna be a cakewalk Black Rose prison win imperial Ponton a deliverer blah blah blah wanted to distant a distant dungeon to house the.

Most feared criminals and political prisoners of the Second Empire he ordered a penal institute built on the coast of Black Marsh it was black rose prison after the ancient city a day’s.

March to the north now you can enter the dreaded Black Rose prison and face waves of brutal enemies in an ever-escalating battle for treasure and.

Glory it’s a really awesome place dude oh man and I will be honest with you guys I’ve so load up to the third part unnormal it’s nowhere like d sa d sa can be so load with a really really good build but this this this is a challenge and it’s fine but for 4.

Players it’s awesome on normal on veteran it’s a little bit harder lot harder I’m not gonna lie it’s a lot but it’s really.

Fun and it’s got some really good.

Drops in it so the black girls prison is a four player arena located in the mark line the arena includes a normal and challenging veteran version they should say challenging really hard challenging veteran version they’re all new skill argument whatever augmenting.

Black Rose weapons in the fashion.

As master maelstrom and asylum weapons and yes we’ll see we’ll go through all those don’t worry nothing really changed on many of them unique achievements and words for completing this arena include a unique player skin several titles the unique housing items the veteran version also gives leaderboards and that’s where you get the perfected versions of these weapons so these weapons have two types have a imperfect and imperfect so much like asylum sanctorium.

But unlike master and Maelstrom C I’m gonna I’m gonna gonna go any further I’m gonna talk about this real quick don’t add new weapon sets that offer.

Greater benefits when the old ones don’t even offer crap sorry fix the old ones make them have a perfect imperfect before you.


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