What’s up guys and look what we have here in the studio the Huawei Noah 3 this phone shares a lot of features with the flagship Huawei b20 family you’re getting the same chipset and some other cool features at a $200 cheaper price which is amazing and this might actually be it’d be 20 killer in my opinion so let’s.

Right into the unboxing of this phone we have this white box for this gradient Noah 3 text gradient Nova 3 text on the side and my boss looks a little rough because it is the review unit but obviously when you’re gonna buy it you will get it in that fancy stickers and everything so.

Let’s take this out and here we have the Huawei Noah 3 Wow look at this beautiful phone it is a large phone with a six point three inch display this thing is almost similar to the Huawei.

Be doing the pro in terms of size but it is definitely slimmer just have slightly smaller battery coming at 3,700 mAh so let’s quickly take a look at the box content so first up is.

The silicon case which we always get with Huawei phones which is nice then we have the Huawei.

Quick-charge Huawei earpods and a USB type-c cable for charging the phone so this is everything in the box all right let’s get the plastic off of this beautiful phone this is in black color.

Yeah it looks like black and we also have this sticker up front so taking it off slowly and so on the back side we have the fingerprint scanner and there.

Is a vertical dual camera that comes at a 16 plus 24 megapixel combination this is an AI camera so things will be enhanced when you turn on AI and of course it is having an F 1.

8 aperture and just like the flagship Huawei P 20 family.

We do have the Huawei logo as well as some text and it’s not the Leica camera so you’re not getting the same exact camera as the flagship phones but still hope they do have very.

Similar text and you know overall design language now with this phone you are actually getting a headphone.

That is totally missing the flagship families so whether you get the p20 or p20 pro.

You’re not gonna get the headphone jack so this phone is retaining that power and volume keys on the side and nothing on the left the power button actually has this nice texture to it so it’s gonna feel a little bit better now one of the greatest things about this phone is that it’s having the same internal specification as the Huawei P 20 families who are you getting the Queen 970 chipset and of course the same Huawei software as the flagship guava b20 family now and.

You look at the display as obviously the this.

Is a p20 pearl model so you have the AMOLED display here which is a little bit better but the beauty has the LCD display technology and looks very similar to this one like I can’t really tell the difference that much it is a 1080p display so you are getting that high quality look again in my eyes both phones are looking super.

High quality with the display so nearly the same display but a little bit different design this one has a little bigger notch but it has a smaller chin so it’s equal situation I would say.

And also with the notch on the hawala p20 family you are getting a stereo speaker system which is absent on this one so I just have a single speaker at the bottom apart from that.
It is very similar to the flagship phone with the same look and feel and of.

Course I mean like I said same processors so you should expect the same performance as well now you might be thinking a lot of features.
Are saying then what is that price difference.

Factor and that factor is with the camera so you’re not getting the same camera with the Nova 3 but it is having a pretty good camera sensor at f1 pointed aperture you’re getting 16 plus 24 makes little camera.

Resolution I took some photos outside in indoor/outdoor as well as in some night condition it is a decent camera it does have AI and if you look at the camera us side by side I would say not as feature back as the Huawei p20 family you have that killer night mode on the b20 family that is basically the game changer when you’re taking photos at night but yeah you don’t get that on this one but the.

Rest of the stuff is a pretty similar now one thing where this phone does excel is with front camera so you’re actually getting two cameras with the Huawei Noah 324 maybe so sensor with a.

Do missile sensor for that depth sensing so you’re gonna get that depth sensing.

Or you can say the portrait selfies for it does a decent job with the selfies so overall I would say the you know what three is a p20 killer indeed I mean same specifications same design language and almost.
The same design as well just a little smaller.

Battery and not the same camera and you’re getting a $200 cheaper price than their flagship phones so a lot of people would like to spend less get the same features for five hundred dollars instead of spending all the way seven hundred something which is for the Huawei be doing the family so yeah that’s it we’ll look at.

The Noah three I hope you guys have enjoyed this video subscribe to the channel if you’re new here and I will see you guys in the next one peace out.


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