Sikorski challenges a startup and innovation festival that takes place annually on Cave Polytechnical Institute’s main campus the aim of the festival is to showcase projects of high school and university students the project’s seek to solve various local and global issues this year roughly 200 projects are being showcased they range from self sustainable aquariums and robots to software and.

Eco-friendly energy alternatives our Tam explains to us his windmill that he designed himself anyone ever said my windmill has a very simple construction consists of a wing a wind spinner a rod rake mechanism a.

Gear and an electric generator and so it appears as I calculated one thrust of this wing will produce around 350 watts which is a pretty good result Sikorsky challenge participants are students of the minor academy of sciences of ukraine took part in the Sikorsky challenge with.

Competition running high some of them have already applied for their ideas to be patented right now there is a problem with waste that is being discarded into the world’s oceans it’s.

On a catastrophic level what I’m suggesting to make it easier to gather and remove plastic and other.

To place propellers at the mouths of rivers the propellers will spin and catch the garbage the garbage will be concentrated at the end of these chutes and make it much easier to clean out after some of the students were able.

To showcase their projects the festival kicked off with a light show and dancers that wowed participants and organizers alike the festival has been.

Hosted for seven years in a row and will last for days this year’s winner of the startup competition will have the chance to travel to the u. in May two thousand nineteen to represent Ukraine in the Intel ISEF international competition.


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