What amazes elements of having actuaries hosting the most Asian hat man-to-man hair extraordinaire Pro tonight you with episode number 11 of our Pokemon Sun at Gold sold link with my boy here mr. frost combs okay so of course as usual moon as the trend of this whole series we got blown back again last episode was it fun so.

New teams okay so let’s go ahead be real transparent here real quick so thankfully as we mentioned in the last episode the National Park buck contest thing was today.
So we got lucky however the day of the day that we.

Are recording yeah so however the way that it works because everything that is in the bub contest is primary bug only one of us actually got to keep our of my bug encounter or our encounter for that and the other one used the token so I caught a pincer capped him I’ll call the pincer so I kept my fencer and fort frosty got a Weedle it was like alright well I’ll use the token so now we had Ellis Vedra okay my bad it was a Beedrill which is you know bug bug.

Which doesn’t work so instead he went back after the contest was over and got a female well first encounter so.

It was first encounter I like this whole time hold on I just wanna say this whole time I have been trying to get a female rocks or kirlia or Gardevoir or something it’s finally happened mmm.

These days we’re gonna bust her out right and we also went ahead and got the sudowoodo encounter as well which by same rules we also only one of us got to keep the sudowoodo since.

The sudowoodo sudowoodo so frosty kept us to the ruler this time.

And on that same route there was grass so I went ahead and I got me.

Encounter and I have another Pikachu so you have another.

Peek – oh yeah we got some legree PD yeah we got basically yeah just to kind of fill up.

The team a little bit and after.

That we would have had a little bit more and we got our encounter in route 37 which.

Once thankfully another player be good guys so basically.

We’re back to square one so anyway let’s go ahead and get into the team recap real quick first off we have Pam the receptionist of course Oh matter of fact no not until she gets married which cause that.

Seat King so I actually probably be a Salesman remember she fails this yeah so we can the salesman went.

Flying Peck flying pack with Peck port attack waterfalls and operating flying Peck duck links with Pam we have Eddie the hitmontop let’s take out rock smash headbutt and next we have overfiend gabite will graduate with bright I did it again I was let us.

Say crass cut rock scene with dragon raid to slash him on for no.

Champ Garchomp and with fire flame will fight rock punch fight powerup punch really.

Good next we have coach of ocean sparrow with sniper rock and aerial ace growl assurance in agility linked with coachable to their culture we got amazoness the hair crossed with bug by Rick Rick Rick bug bite break break aerial ace.

And horn attack try saying that five times fast and next we have a new pair rocking out with that roomie the Pikachu which fun fact Romy is actually a cheese from Egypt fun fact kiss his nose so dang another cheese we got roomie the pig shoot rocking out with quick tech charge slam and thunderbolt linked with this morning the sudowoodo.


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