Yeah that was also pretty also once all the shops come out want to do like a four four color expansion explosion deck with under em lunch we found Ron Bush absolutely we is on Tron boys go to 17 breeding men what do you think know your your unit now you just roll see I thought I was doing I’m.

Having 8th and 9th edition spirits I wish the spirits it looks I wish I was a good player Persis the play I told some that open like I’m not playing Toronto much.

More happy having it words sometimes it also draws a trunk I promise I know I’m really bad we’re gonna be gunnin two people down.

Yeah I got you response PA man what a nice I did not foresee you I just offered you three.
For six minutes to ballista for one we.

Have entered the scoop you want some spoilers sigh board for not the experience probably gonna be a.

Bad steward sighs I’m not gonna lie fellows it’s gonna be the mystery I swear every.

Card you just played sure why the birds would have been a hard part Ricardo would have been how do I play how do I fight how not bad to see what part of this is.

Not very long scenes it’s a deck that I can’t afford so what is this man spirits with birds instead of hierarchs no no no no that is what I saw exalted I thought your wonder.

That we created bolts kill it hold the bird get it could even be a bird like I’m out with a not bad.
I prefer a shot the line of oil but yeah why is the fire thing so much.

Extra play over like the shock is it just because of four on the kick I also don’t think it should especially read decks yeah they should play.

Chakra frenzy that’s why I’m like really confused with like you’re never kicking when do you kick yeah exactly when are you ever like all it’s the last card of a.
Hands-on have five lines attack that’s why you’re just.

Gonna play that creed excellent I’m gonna keep why it’s for invocation or whatever they’re called at that point get a breeding pull down tonight stifle this format yeah if you have.

I pulled me a real hard making bird cast stifle and modern you could even mind since army do disciples band unless it’s casted by bird man yeah as a trompe l’oeil and have played mirrors we still made each other originally wasn’t what you thought it well there’s a splash company combo i don’t know.

Basically that one i saw a more spirits than company cards that was Game one my dad just let me know if I am NOT yeah okay be as.

Scared as possible I’m pretty careful yeah one card away I’m one card away from just dying wait until I went super hard on a cocoa then you can be a scary I guess yeah cooker doesn’t work though I guess not allowed to be six I was playing the spinning we plan to spend.

Game boys like can we step aside I’m kind of like I’m clenching right now I don’t know if I’m gonna die or not my dad just show me am i dead no although God the birds all right well I mean still got another turn here go the second route is actually really annoying but now I can’t even stop you if you have their like I swear – zip – Coco’s choice I’m fetching.

Increases the odds that he doesn’t well it takes me some time you can just like power now in order I don’t have some.


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